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Hello all,

I'm new to the ACS, but not to the ACG itself. I have the new core set as well as Crimson Throne. I've read the ACS guide, but it is clear as mud as to what cards I may use. I'm used to the cards ranked B and up. Would anyone be able to help me understand what cards I'm allowed to use and which ones I cannot starting right as a fresh, new character? I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello and welcome!
With the new cards (Core and Curse), what used to be "B" are now level 0. The Basic trait is no longer used (if you have cards that specifically care about Basic cards, try looking them up in the PACG Conversion Guide). So, basically you just start with level 0 cards if you're using post-Core cards (like if you use Adventurer Packs instead of a class deck or an Ultimate deck), or "B" cards (which are treated as 0) if building your deck with pre-Core cards.

Sorry to muddy the waters a bit more, but if you use pre-Core cards, you may substitute a new card for an old card of the same name. For example, you could replace Chain Mail from a class deck with the Core Set version, or the Helpful Haversack with the Curse version. If your class deck has a level 0 card, and the card of the same name from Core/Curse is level 1 (like the ally Crow), you may start with that level 1 replacement card.

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