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7-2D wrote:
For the rest of the Adventure Path, when you avenge, all characters ignore effects on the bane that happen when it is undefeated.

May I please have clarification that this prevents the initial defeat that I am avenging from causing damage as well as causing any other "If undefeated . . ." powers to take effect?

Does this also prevent me from taking damage or causing such "If undefeated . . ." if I fail in my attempt to avenge?


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It doesn't say it prevents the effects from failing the Check(s) to Defeat, so those would still do damage. You also resolve After Acting effects before getting a chance to avenge.

It would stop "If undefeated..." powers between the original failure and the start of the avenge encounter.

I don't think it would help if the avenger's encounter is failed; "When you avenge" is part of resolving the original encounter (after After Acting but before applying Undefeated effects.) I'd expect "While you avenge" or something similar. I'm not certain on this one, though.

Hope this helps!

You are, of course, correct that damage would be taken and After Acting powers would occur. I now see the former is part of attempting the check on page 9, and the latter is it's own step, listed on page 10. (I'm leaving a "paper trail" in case someone else is ever trying to grasp this for himself.)

I also am uncertain whether the avenger (and other characters, if applicable) would ignore "If undefeated" powers for failing the avenging. Assuming the bane has an "If undefeated" power, the question is now whether this reward protects the bane's power after the original failure to defeat, the avenger's possible failure to defeat, or both.

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