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I'm borrowing a post from the "ACS at PaizoCon Online" thread . . .

Mark Koopman wrote:

The PACS TTS mod has been updated to change how the class decks are loaded. There is now an external website where you can build your decks, and then easily import them into TTS. This will be a huge advantage, especially if you take your character from one table to another, since you'll be able to set up your character almost instantly every time you join a TTS game. The website is here: PACG deck builder and you can see a tutorial video on how to use it here: Youtube tutorial.

Character sheets are still in that "New Class Deck Characters" bag.

The PACG Deck Builder site is awesome! Including substitutions is much appreciated too!

We're getting ready for GenCon Online, where we'll be playing PACS. I can create a character on the PACG Deck Builder site to match my character from our PACS campaign, but I can't figure out how to import that to Tabletop Simulator. The video tutorial, while very helpful for deck creation doesn't cover this.
Please help! Thank you!

Silver Crusade 4/5 ***

There should be a chronicle sheet below your playmat when you log into the game. If you enter your character number and click the little stack button next to it, it should load your deck. Any of the box runners you have should be able to help with this.

Thanks! Super helpful! We're trying to get proficient with the system before GenCon Online.

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