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OK, so my brother convinced me to give this a try, and the first 3 episodes sucked, because I don't like that mini-Frankenstein guy who plays Clay, and because there wasn't really anything about motorcycles. Episode 4 hooked me in, and by the time Season 1 ended, I was totally addicted.

When Donna got shot, it was all I could do not to cry like a little girl.

I blew off my chores last weekend to blow through Season 2, which was awesome because how often do you see no fewer than seven different groups of mutually-antagonistic people trying to outmaneuver each other?

Can't wait to start watching Season 3, given a free moment. But I still wish they'd spend more time talking about motorcycles.

Anyone else in the same boat?

The Exchange

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Don't know what your beef is with Perlman, but he's a great actor.

Season 3 has some interesting turns and deveopments, but is kind of a low spot in the series. 4 and 5 are awesome.

I'm re-watching 5 now in preparation for 6 which starts on the 10th. Everything should wrap up next year with season 7.

Donna's death was a b&&~+. As was Sack's. There is a payoff coming though and it is worth the wait.

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Just started watching it on DVD from 1.1 .

Ron Perleman..born to play evil bastichs...I'd love to see him as Lobo..

Sovereign Court

I enjoyed the first few seasons but feel the show has kind of slip a bit in later seasons.

Ending of season 4 was unbelievably bad and seemed like really lazy writing IMO.

Sovereign Court

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I just started watching the show and I am enjoying it. I'm not into bikes at all so I didn't notice the lack of any bike talk. I'm now curious how much biker gangs actually do any of the stuff involved in the show.

The Exchange

Most bikers actually don't spend a lot of time talking about bikes. Not like car enthusiasts do.

Do we have those conversations? Sure, but it's really not a 'thing'.

Pan wrote:

I enjoyed the first few seasons but feel the show has kind of slip a bit in later seasons.

** spoiler omitted **

Ending of Season 4:
You're talking about the whole CIA crap? Yeah, that was pretty awful.

this show is basically just the best thing

Opie :( :( :(

Wolfthulhu wrote:
Most bikers actually don't spend a lot of time talking about bikes. Not like car enthusiasts do.

"Talking" was probably the wrong word to use, but my take is that, for a show that's supposedly about outlaw biker gangs, they lavish very little time or detail on bikes. Sure, sometimes one will be a "hook" for a side-plot (like the backfiring of Bobby Elvis' old-school bobber), but other than that, the bikes are portrayed more or less as mere conveyances.

Sovereign Court

What would you like to see added Kirth?

OK, pretty much everybody who still rides -- other than Bobby Elvis -- has, what, a standard black Dyna, right off the floor? Maybe some custom T-bars as a nod to individuality, but that's about it -- you don't see the characters spending a lot of time making custom choppers, or even spending too much time maintaining them. Also, two seasons in, and I think the only extended riding I've seen is maybe Jax going off to sulk -- none of the epic cross-country stuff that people used to brag about. Admittedly, everything I know is probably quite dated by now; maybe those sorts of thing aren't "in" anymore. But especially for the older guys (not just Bobby), I'd want each motorcycle to be almost a character on the show itself, if they want to capture the whole motorcycle club thing.

Sovereign Court

Have you ever heard of a "club" bike? Biker gangs like to remain as anonymous as possible. Having a pimped out bike would be like having personalized plates. When you are committing acts not legal you want to be difficult to identify.

Pan wrote:
When you are committing acts not legal you want to be difficult to identify.

In that case, you'd drive an SUV -- exactly like Tiggs does in the show when he's pulling off a hit. But for members of the whole biker culture I used to be familiar with -- including the joy of being out riding for its own sake -- a custom bike was pretty much de rigeur. Granted, none of the bikers I knew were arms dealers that I know of, but I can attest they weren't all innocence and rainbows, either. And, again, my knowledge may be quite out of date -- at one point it seemed like the only remaining outlaw bike clubs were in Montreal, but they may have made a comeback, for all I know.

Sovereign Court

There are several gangs still active particularly in the south west U.S. Tiggs used the SUV to also make it look like a hit by a rival Black gang. So in that case he personally didn't want to be identified but wanted a gang to be blamed. Which leads back to club bikes. You want people to know who you are but not who you specifically are.

Either way, I'd still rather see more about motorcycles and less about, as my wife puts it, "whether Kurt Cobaine's mom likes his girlfriend."

Whereas I have no interest in motorcycles and am happy that they don't focus on them.

Matt Filla wrote:
Whereas I have no interest in motorcycles and am happy that they don't focus on them.

Just out of curiosity, how did you start watching a show about motorcycle gangs, if you have no interest in motorcycles?

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Because I have an interest in good television drama, and interesting characters. I have no interest in crystal meth, but I love Breaking Bad.

I'd find it interesting if the show gave more insight into what being in a motorcycle club was all about, but I wouldn't have any interest in the technical details of the bikes (I type as I sit across the street from the Harley Davidson HQ).

Gotcha. (1) I also enjoy Breaking Bad, but then again I'm into chemistry, and have at least one friend who previously had problems with meth, so there you have it.

(2) Yeah, more stuff about what motorcycle clubs do (other than deal arms) would be cool with me, too. But, for the bikers I've known in the past, a lot of what they do is (a) work on their bikes and (b) go out riding on their bikes, so there would be some overlap with the technical details in that regard.

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The Sons wouldn't have time for all their gunrunning, drug dealing, porn backing, and murder if they spent time working on their bikes. :)

Ah, but the Sons as a whole aren't drug-dealers. SAMCRO very carefully steers clear of dealing - too much heat (and they've troubles aplenty already). SAMTAZ, the Tucson charter, went into the meth business, but that was voted in by that particular crew, and Redwood (the Charming chapter, AKA our 'heroes') were not very happy about it.

Season 4 and 5 spoilers:
SAMCRO ends up running drugs for the Gallindo cartel/Romeo/the CIA, but that's transporting, not delling. A fine distinction? Perhaps, but that's how you tell one felony from another. :rolleyes:

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Well, good point - I'm sure it will be brought up at their trial. :)

Half way through season 4......I love Peg Bundy.

I love Hellboy too, but man I wish Al Bundy was playing Clay.

I got into this show really late, binged on it and watched like 4 seasons in a crazy marathon. Stopped once I caught up, I like to have a few episodes in the cue. I can't stand cliffhangers.

I've been bogged down in Season 3. Too much melodrama, not enough plot.

I get that, but.....the ending of season three is worth the labor it takes to get there........

I'm trying to remember what was going on in season 3. The relationship melodrama stuff doesn't really bother me because the whole time the stage is set with all these dangerous things in motion.

Caught I'm just waiting for Season 7.

What a trip.

Finally got through Season 3. Was going to quit, but then I saw Danny Trejo was the guest star for Season 4, and decided I couldn't possibly skip that. Glad I didn't; I quickly blasted through like 11 episodes. It's FINALLY back to the storyline that Season 1 abandoned.

That said, I'm having a very hard time figuring out how they can stretch it out one more season, much less 3 more.

Liberty's Edge

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Tig's my fave character. My next dnd char will be based on him.

I'm almost picturing a D&D party: Juice as a rogue, Tig an assassin, Jax a barbarian (raging every other line of his dialogue, when he starts yelling again for no apparent reason). Clay as an evil sorcerer maybe. Tara a cleric. Jemma can be a succubus who bumps up Clay's Cha score.

Yeah; I kinda want to do a SOA play by post with golem motorcycles or something, powder guns and whatnot.

Like the engine has a little golem in it that pumps some footpedals. Then a lightning spell goes off in the engine and makes the little golem pump real fast.....

Each motorcycle could actually be a miniature iron golem, with wheels instead of legs? When the golem would normally breathe a clopudkill, that's smoke belching out of the exhaust.

Hmmm, iron golems are too slow, and electricity slows them. Maybe the motorcycles are Large animated objects, with all the construction points dumped into "faster"?

N Large construct
Init -1; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception –5
AC 14, touch 8, flat-footed 14 (-1 size, -1 Dex, +6 natural)
hp 52 (4d10+30)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will –4
Defensive Abilities hardness 5; Immune construct traits
Speed 60 ft.
Melee slam +9 (1d8+9)
Str 22, Dex 8, Con —, Int —, Wis 1, Cha 1
Base Atk +4; CMB +11; CMD 20

That might could work.

Kinda a Dark Sun meets Road Warrior meets Old West kinda vibe.

I knew that about lightning.

I guess a bike could be just a fancy animated object.

The most epic badass guys got golem hogs.

So, when does the PBP start? And if you DM, you won't be able to play Tig :(

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
I guess a bike could be just a fancy animated object.

That's the beauty of using animated objects: they have construction points, so you can totally make a custom bike. Sacrifice 10 feet of speed for more damage when you drive it into someone, or whatever. Every REAL biker would need the Craft Construct feat so they can make custom bikes.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
So, when does the PBP start? And if you DM, you won't be able to play Tig :(

I essentially have a warehouse of these kernels of ideas. I file them away in the tangled unique filing system in my brain for future use.

I pull from this reserve when the idea becomes relevant. Sometimes this occurs decades later.

It's right next to a Pirates of the Caribbean type campaign where the "new world" as we know it pretty much exists on a world where the Forgotten Realms campaign continent exists as the "old world."

And a weird west campaign, that my avatar "plastic shaman" was going to dungeonmaster for.

Sometimes the ideas cram together; maybe a weird west with motorcycles.

I have an operant theory that a pbp doesn't function well if you make too many rules modifications too far from the basic rules.
I haven't decided yet if such a game is possible. I don't like my pbp's to fail. Still, it is interesting enough of a concept for me to think about.

Tig, though, will influence my next p.c. the way Fafhrd influenced one of them, and the way Commander Ryker influenced another of them. He's more of a character idea or basis than anything.

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