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worf in captains chair

Pretty awesome...I'd watch it.

I may be the minority though.

Sovereign Court

Yeah, i don't find Klingons particularly interesting.

Worf, however, is a pretty interesting character.

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I'd love to see Trek back on TV in any format. However, as this article is a year old I'm not hopeful that this is going forward. With the reboot movies still going, I think Paramount is not going to greenlight any series as a possible distraction form the films.

I am looking forward to Star Trek: Renegades though.

I'm really enjoying Star Trek Continues and Star Trek:Phase 2 online.

Sovereign Court

meh, I'd like something more like DS9 again. By that I mean a series that involves as many races of the trek verse as possible.

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Fabius Maximus wrote:
Worf, however, is a pretty interesting character.

He's pretty formulaic to me. As far as Klingons go, they seem little more to me than rationalised bullies with some bad running jokes (such as Shakespeare) thrown in..

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