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So after watching the Battle of Five Armies* and the end of Legend of Korra. I found I miss friendship. So what are your favorite strong meaningful friendships?

I know Gandalf and Galadriel are friends, but while watching their scene I had this thought that those who don't know about Galadriel's marriage and Gandalf's dedication to duty might read something into it.

My older brother.
My gamer friend for the last eight years or so.
That's about it at the moment. I'm pretty prickly... and if you know me and don't think I'm prickly, then you don't really know me.

You mean fictional...
Zoe and Mal. of Firefly.
Mako and Bolin. of Legend of Korra.
Sherlock and Watson. of Sherlock.
Vlad and Loiosh. of The Taltos Novels.
Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter. of The Dresden Files.

I am sure that there are others, but I keep thinking of single characters that are awesome, and that doesn't really fit the bill.

Zoe and Mal. Very nice. I wish I had thought to place that one.

The Doctor and Dona come to mind now.

I agree. Cumberbatch Sherlock and Freeman Watson
Tony Stark and Ruffalo Banner
Gotta say I really like Pine Kirk and Quinto Spock... The kind of friends that are like 'man you frustrate me, but you make me a better person'
Team Daedalus from Space Cowboys
Nathan Algren and Tanaka in Last Samurai...
The dude's bowling team on Big Lebowski
G and Ricky Hayman from Holy Man
Thatcher's jousting team from A Knight's Tale
Inigo Vizzini and Westley from Princess Bride of course
Dante and Randall...
Jay and Silent Bob
Picard and Data...
Arguably Picard and Q...
The drill team from Armageddon
Ukyo Kuonji and Ryoga Hibiki

I have lots of others, but they may more qualify as 'romantic couples' like in Before Sunrise or like Miroku and Sango or Keichi and Belldandy... The Doctor and Rose Tyler
Theoretically more than friendships...

or 'mentor/student' relationships like qui gon and obiwan or good will hunting and robin williams as his therapist.
Theoretically less than a strict friendship that were still deeply personal associations.

Heck. I even liked the dragon and Bowen from Dragonheart.
Enemy becomes business partner becomes friend.

Knock me down and call me ground beef. I should have put Shepard and Garrus from Mass Effect on the list. So I am doing it now.

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Milo and Otis! : D

Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser from Fritz Leiber's Lakhmar stories
Riggs and Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon series

Grand Lodge

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Vash and Wolfwood.

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