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So, who's going to bite the dust in the second half of the 4th season?


I can only pay out in quatloos, but knowing that you won on the Paizo Messageboards and internets should really be reward enough.

I am going for the low hanging fruit and guess that before this next season is closed out we will see:

-Glenn or Tyreese die, possibly both.

I could be wrong about this, because at this point I am make wild claims.

Here is your chance post your picks and to win at the internet.

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Am I the only one upset that this is about the Walking Dead and not the most beloved comic book character?

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For you Caineach


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I believe its "internets" sir. I will also pick Glenn.

I was thinking Glenn or Maggie also, if not both. If they kill Darryl people will be very upset from what I see online so that would be a very bad move. I have not read the comics, just so I can avoid spoilers. In related news I heard a spinoff was coming for the governor that showed his life before the main show's people came appeared.

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Agreed about Daryl wraith, he seems to be a fan favorite. If he goes it will be some heroic save the day type death I'm guessing.

OMDG only 20 min in today and... just wow.

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I am loving Eugene I hope he doesn't end up as a welcome plate!

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Well, I hope Rick finds it.....

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