house husbands


The Exchange

A little aussie series about blokes and their families...

season 3 trailer

Love the music. The bald guy is Gary Sweet. Unfortunatly that is not the look of a man thinking oh my ex wife has shown up. That is the look of a man thinking oh god my other wife has found out where I as his ex has surfaced, wife three is likely still out there.

My parents have been raving about this show. Will have to grab it off them when I'm home next, but at the moment all my time's been taken up with House of Cards, and Rake is next on the agenda next.

Are watching the original 1990's British HoC or the US remake.

US series. I haven't seen the UK mini-series and the follow ups that they made yet, but my former housemate has them, so I'll do that at some point. I have to say though, remake or not, I've been very impressed with the show. Love me some Kevin Spacey, and in general it's just really well made.

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