Stargate universe season 3


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he just needs fifty million to fund it...

Um... good luck I guess?

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I'd rather see a Stargate Atlantis movie.

Sovereign Court

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Several Stargate Atlantis movies at that.

I miss McKay, Sheppard and Zelenka.

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Oh SG:U so under-rated. I loved how it got away from the Star Trek formula SG1 got into. Yeah they were lost in space, it has been done before, but wow, language was an issue again, sense of hopelessness, constant threat and fight for resources, and the insecurity. Loved how it used existing content in the show, like the communication stones.

Just totally underrated.

Sovereign Court

It's good. I just liked Atlantis better.

Yeah man I'll write him a check right now, who exactly should I make it out to?

The Exchange

Checked his kickstarter. It fell through.

No surprise. SGU was awful. Killed the franchise.

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Unfortunately SGU was too good for the franchise. Which is what killed it.

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I didn't think SG-U was awful, per se, but it was something entirely different, and darker, and much more slow-paced,and really not so much fun.

Star Trek: Voyager was about two different crews with radically different agendas, thrown together, and making the best of their differences. But the melding happened almost immediately. There was no drama to speak of.

Stargate: Universe went the other direction: a number of people with disparate goals, never seeming to be willing to negotiate, compromise, cooperate, or even trust one another. And, the alien menace lacked the drama of the Gouald-oud. (I'ts mad, and it's gargling.)

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