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Wow I'm surprised nobody's brought this show up in here yet! As a big fan of espionage and military fiction and TV this show is really great, especially all the little spycraft tips Michael Westin gives you throughout the episodes in narration. It has Bruce Campbell in it so it's automatic gold in my book! And Gabriel Anwar isn't too hard on the eyes! Gotta love a gal that makes things go boom!

I wanna Vrock... VROCK!

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LOVE the show!
I did think they 'glossed' over the season finale and this season's first ep. But besides that.... great show and I love the sub plot story about Michael being burned and how he is dealing with it. Michael's mom = awesome!

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Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows. LOVE IT! I thought it was funny that they dumped Fiona's Irish accent after the first couple eps because it was terrible.

Burn Notice is a great show. Ranks right up there with Monk, Pysch, and House MD on my list of great shows.

One of the few shows I actually go out of my way to watch. I have to wonder how much of those espionage tips are BS though.

In an odd way, it reminds me of Miami Vice.

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CourtFool wrote:
In an odd way, it reminds me of Miami Vice.

The Weird low tech things he does reminds me of MacGyver

Yeah…I can see that. A gun toting MacGyver.

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Whether the tips are BS or not they certainly get your brain working! I always knew wall safes were crap, but the blinds Michael made to hide those ID cards (behind the hinge plates in a door) were genius! I mean if you need something really, REALLY important hidden take the time to do it right!

Just discovered the show, watched the pilot, then blasted through Seasons 1 and 2 in no time. It's easy to watch, has enough humor to not be too heavy, has enough thinking stuff to not be too dumb. The "how-to" narration is a great gimmick, Bruce Campbell is a huge bonus, and the star is really, really good (and also actually knows martial arts, which is a big plus in terms of emulating it believably on screen).

I'm very pleased there are 5 more seasons!

As a downer, I was disappointed in how little of a challenge his adversaries were... until Carla and her people showed up.

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Yeah in BN's heyday my buddy and I were living across the street from one another. We would always get beer and order a pizza and kick back with some BN after work. I hope Bruce lands another show hes a riot.

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Seasons 2-4 are the best in my opinion.

I have used the car floormat trick to get past barbed wire.

What's interesting to do is to watch Burn Notice, then Leverage, and pick out how many familiar faces start cropping up.

The first several seasons are definitely the best. It lost some steam when they brought in Jesse Porter, although I will say that by the end of the series, I didn't mind him so much and felt he was finally finding a place on the team.

That said, the final season wasn't very good, and I wish they'd either ended it with season 6, or (possibly even better) with the finale they had in season 4.

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