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'Trying to remember the name of a sci fi pilot (or mini series?) from the 80's. It had a space ship with a crew of cadets. The captain gets killed and the kids find themselves facing off vs a fleet of enemy warships, with a traitor saboteur on board. One scene I do remember has the ship faking being shot down and exploding on an ice moon, hiding the ship under the ice and giving them time to repair and attack from surprise. The show was NOT Earth Star Voyager, but I seem to recall it came out about the same time. Any answers?'

"Jason of Star Command"? or "Space Academy" come to mind, but i don't remember the ice bit from those shows.

mm. I remember those. No- this wasn't a series as far as I recall- just a one-shot pilot with one maybe 2 episodes. And definitely darker than those shows, Terq. It dwelt with the cadet "Captain" having to execute his friend who turned out to be the traitor. out the airlock.

Wow, I thought I'd seen all of the late 1970 early 1980 sci fi telivision movies, but I don't recal this one.

AHA! Found it! I was waaaay off on the date- it was shown in 1996, and was called Star Command. Found it in the wiki list of "Television pilots not picked up as a series" tv movie "Star Command" wiki article

I sort of remember that one, well I remember Morgan Fairchild in a tight uniform anyway (I was a huge fan of hers in the 90's and 2000's, her role on Friends cracked me up, never knew she was so good at comedy).

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