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So, when I first heard about PF2, I was excited. That excitement quickly fell away as the blogs started rolling out, with just the occasional tidbit to actually keep me interested.

Now the full thing is here, and I absolutely plan on being part of the playtest. Why?

Because I have to. I want to make my voice heard and to have actual experience playing when I do so. So, what's the problem?
I don't want to. I'm reading through the classes, through the feats, through the spells, looking for something that might interest me that I can build my character around (I usually play wizards, so I'll probably try to play one in the playtest to get a feel for how they're different). Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything. Like, absolutely nothing has sparked my interest. Occasionally, something will catch my eye, I'll say, "oh, that looks cool," and look at it a bit more, only to realize it's actually nowhere near as good as it looked.

Now, I understand that, if everything is equally bad, then it should be all equal and balanced. But that only comes into play if it's actually used. And no matter how much I want to be part of the playtest, looking at my options, I just... can't imagine actually enjoying myself. Character creation (usually my favorite part) just seems.... bland and uninteresting. I can't find anything that seems even remotely enjoyable, and that's a problem.

So, in addition to simply bemoaning my situation, I was hoping this post might serve an additional purpose: can the vast hivemind let me know what sorts of options are either cool and interesting that you can't wait to play in the play test, and hopefully help me find something I have even the slightest interest in playing?

I'm afraid I don't have anything to suggest to you, as my experiences were rather similar to yours. Vast numbers of abilities seem to have been nerfed until they're so weak or situational that you could easily forget you have them when they actually do apply. I don't look forward to levelling or have any interest in the feats or class abilities available. They're just to weak, or too situational, or both. Turn undead, for instance, an iconic ability from previous editions. Triggers only if you channel energy/cast heal, and manage to crit. And then it only lasts for a round. I realise that crits are more common against weaker enemies now, but that's supposed to be your big exciting new ability at the level you take it. I wouldn't even count on being able to use that in an adventure that was all about undead, and nor would I particularly mind if I didn't. Depriving a weak undead of a single round of actions once or twice in an adventure is just not worth worrying about.

Frankly, I'm fairly sure I could ignore all the feats, class abilities (other than spellcasting) and proficiencies of a character, even a high level one, and still end up only marginally less powerful.

More constructively for you, I've noticed that this means gishes are more powerful. There are no arcane spell failures as far as I can see, and non-proficiency in armour just gives you a -2 penalty to your AC, and touch AC. Which weirdly means that even if you're not proficient in armours at all, it's still probably better to wear heavy armour rather than the classical robes-and-hat. Weapons are a similar story (the penalty is only -2); or you can get a proficiency from your first ancestry feat. And at level 2, you can spend a class feat to multiclass into fighter and get all the proficiencies for free if you want to do a more focussed gish. This also allows you to start making AoOs at level 6, if you feel like spending another class feat; since the only wizard feat at these levels that actually looks worth taking is Quick Study, this shouldn't be a difficult decision.

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