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Hello all, I'm slowly getting the various items together to run the Jade Regent adventure path for the first time and I was wondering what kind of music to include into my game sessions.

My players enjoy my use of music in games ranging from my TSR Marvel campaigns as it helps to bring them more into the mindset of the setting and one of the bits of music that I was planning on using was the album for World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth at the very least.

I'm open to any suggestions or thoughts?

Oh, yeah. You should grab the soundtrack to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Perfect for Oriental Adventures-type gaming.

If I go as far as making a soundtrack compilation for this AP, then I have a good idea for Ameiko's theme ...

"Original" shamisen/samisen version, with traditional Japanese instruments backed by a Western-style orchestra (poor video, decent audio):

Japanese schoolgirl version, only the intro riff:

Gayageum version (traditional Korean instrument), no vocals:

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When I ran it, I heavily used the soundtrack from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It's got a very fantastical feel to it, and really emphasizes the whole "travelling caravan" feel of Jade.

For the 2nd book, I used the musics below :
- background : Zergna - The path to valhalla viking song
- fights : Danheim - Berserkir

For 3rd book, I plan tu use : The Uh - Wolf Totem

I have not started to think about other books yet.

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I've searched quite a lot for good shamisen pieces and the best source you can get is the Youtube channel of Shamisen player Shamio. There's pieces from Final Fantasy and Pokemon there as well as Avicii and there are still new videos coming. Here's the Link:

Gotta get some throat singing once they reach book 4 for sure. I've had
Yuve Yuve Yu stuck in my head for weeks since starting this campaign:

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