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Hey, folks. I'm starting up a Jade Regent campaign in a few weeks, and I've been told by multiple folks that some adjustments to the caravan combat system (written by James) are floating around this forum somewhere. Unfortunately, my search-fu is weak, and I can't track down anything but references to the original post. Can anyone help me out with either a link to James' post, or a copy/paste of what he wrote?

Much obliged!

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I believe that the discussion you are looking for is here:

Concerned about the Caravan

So far I've been treating the caravan as a sixth npc and upping it's damage to scale like a rogue's sneak attack. I've also changed the feat for selling trade goods to a +10 bonus to resolve checks instead of a +1 to make things feel a little more profitable.

That might have been a mistake because while using Louis Porter's expanded caravan rules they have all kinds of stuff to the caravan like a mobile stage and edible moss to try and make it a money-maker.

I think it's going to be alright though.

Our GM dumped caravan combat entirely and just turned them into regular encounters. We kept the caravan as a travel mechanic.

The big sin with caravan combat is that it's boring. It's literally back-and-forth dice rolls with no tactics.

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