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Hello everyone, I've been kind of lurking here for a while, and have been running Jade Regent for some time. We are in book 4 now and I've run into a problem that I'm looking to get advice on.

My PCs are currently at level 11. A new player was brought in recently, a Kineticist. I am some-what familiar with the class but severely underestimated how much of a punch a kineticist can pack. He's currently involved with earth and fire, and then will be looking to do air futher down the road, but right now, he's wrecking the hobgoblins in The Penance of Munasukaru. I don't want to tell him, no don't play this character, because as a GM, I should have had a full understanding of this class. What are some ways that I can increase the difficulty and help run their resources a little thinner than what they are doing? I understand the burn situation, and was thinking about throwing extra things at them while they camped, but there's now a new method for them to make an alcove in a wall and set up camp before closing it up (not fully to suffocate or anything.) I was thinking about putting creatures out there to wait for them to emerge the next morning, but that doesn't really take care of long term game play. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Those hobgoblins are not very powerful, nothing wrong with them getting a bit stomped. How does he measure up against CR appropriate foes?

Kineticists can indeed dish out big damage, but they get easier to knock out the more burn they take.

Fire resistance will obviously help mitigate some damage.

I found this true of pretty much everything in the game from this point onwards (except those Destrachan things, which nearly caused a TPK).

Longer term, I'd suggest asking the group if they want you to boost the challenge level of the adventure. If they're OK with it, throw in whatever extra monsters seem like they'd be fun, or give the minions Advanced template.

As the GM, you may adjust your encounters as needed. If you feel that your PCs are blowing through their combats, try starting by adding +1 to their APL and then adjust their CR accordingly.

If you don't know what any of that means, then you would do well to read Alexander Augunas' GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters.

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