Okay, Five Storm's timeline confuses me

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In effort to do my homebrew and try to understand how Minkai is split into eight provinces (and get any hints on two missing royal weapons) I've done lot of small details research and I realized something: I don't get the timeline.

So to check, about 50 years ago the oni started their plan to infiltrate Minkai's society and destroy imperial families one by one in 4651. In 4652 Rokuro already saw through the plan and started escape from Oni?

I'm... Honestly confused about this because the timeline assumes it took long for oni to infiltrate everywhere and destroy families one by one, but Amatatsu Rokuro decided to yeet himself out right at start of it. Teikoku, Shojinawa and Sugimatu were taken care during this fifty years(Sugimatu fell first due to poisoning over course of years, Shojinawa went according to rumors period of magical corruption until big explosion and Teikoku were dealt with in military manner it seems. Amatatsu family has no mention so either family was small when Rokuro escaped with his son or everyone else in family just died and its glossed over?)

Well anyway, in 4708 they finally assassinate the current emperor (whose predecessors were also assassinated) and presumably imprison or kill everyone else in Higashiyama family as well making them last of the families to fall.

...Yeah I do kinda wish we would have gotten Minkai book or something to clarify this, would make my homebrewing much much easier x'D

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The way I justified it in my game is that the Oni weren't nearly as subtle in their attempt to destroy the Amatatsu.

Their holdings are very remote from the capital and most of their territory was unincorporated. The Amatatsu line seemed content to be a border barony on the far northern edge of Minkai.

In my game the Oni attacked the Amatatsu holdings in force, and the modest forces under the banner were no match for the attack. Rokuro and his family fled while his retainers and loyal troops held the line. By the time the other families found out, stories were spread by the Five Storms that the Amatatsu had died due to a vicious raid by oni and giants from the Forest of Spirits and the mountains. The Amatatsu territories have lain more or less untouched by the Empire of Minkai since.

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That would be actually with helpful idea I'm gonna go with aka that each of families had one commander given specific task of destroying them, so the Amatatsu commander having screwed up would be great fit hmm

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