List of all named Caravan NPCs in Jade Regent (spoilers)

Jade Regent

I am trying to compile a list of all the named NPCs that can be recruited to the PCs caravan in Jade Regent, as well as their basic info (alignment, gender, race, class, level, and whatever caravan jobs they qualify for). I'll try to list where they are recruited for ease of reference.

I'm mainly looking for the ones who are written in the AP to join the caravan, but as a separate section I'd be happy to list any of the normal Jade Regent NPCs not normally recruit-able whom you and your players added to your caravans.

I'll also have a section for third-party plugins, as I read a few exist for JR.

Here's what I have so far...

Original Caravan Group:
Sandru Vhiski (NG male human rogue (swashbuckler) 4)
- driver, guard, passenger, trader, wainwright
Koya Mvashti (CG female human cleric of Desna 4)
- fortune-teller, guard, healer passenger, spellcaster
Ameiko Kaijitsu (CG female human aristocrat 1/bard 3/rogue (rake) 1)
- cook, entertainer, fortune-teller, guard, passenger, spellcaster trader
Shalelu Andosana (CG female elf fighter 2/ranger 4)
- guard, passenger, scout
Bevelek (no stat info, Varisian)
- driver
- brother of Vankor
Vankor (no stat info, Varisian)
- driver
- brother of Bevelek

Other NPCs That Officially Join:
Brinewall Castle -
Spivey (GC female lyrakien azata cleric of Desna 3)
- can be guard, healer, spellcaster
- does not count against traveler total
- does increase consumption
Kelda Oxgutter (CN female human barbarian 3)
- driver, guard, scout
- free of charge for a few months, but may leave at Kalsgard

Ulf Gormundr (CN male human ranger (guide) 5)

Helgarval (Cassisian Angel helmet)

Forest of Spirits -
bonsai tree kami guy

Official NPCs that I've Read Creative Players Have Got to Join:
Brinestump Marsh -
Walthus Proudstump (CG male halfling ranger 3)
- 3 swamp vipers
4 Licktoad Goblins (We Be Goblins)
Skitterfoot (CE male ratling)
- taken as a familiar

Brinewall Castle -
Flatbelly (NE male ettercap)
- giant hunting spider companion
Zaiobe (CE female harpy oracle 2)
Slugwort (CE advanced ogre)

Kalsgard -
Wodes (NE advanced awakened raven druid 5)
- taken as a familiar

3rd Party Plug-In NPCs:
Miriya (no stat info available to me, from Legendary Games - Under Frozen Stars)
*There are also 3rd party plug-ins for relationship options for Kelda, Helgarval, and Spivey, I believe

Honorable Mention:
Hirelings: Into the Wild (IMHO, these guys are perfect for a caravan)
Naleksa Vijic (CG female human adept 1)
Anza the Jay (CN female human expert 2)
Jacobi (N male human commoner 1)
Anando Veresiri (LN male halfling aristocrat 2)

To Be Continued...

I can't recall if it was written in or improvised by myself, but my group also recruited Skygni from Book 2 into service to join at least until the crown of the world was crossed. It did involve using a Tetsubo blood oath to ensure his loyalty, but was a contingency for letting him free from the cell.

I developed the character of Ukshakka, Ulf's partner, and she joined the caravan with Ulf. She became a Shaman with the Nature Spirit.

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