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Jade Regent

Hello all,

I am considering running the first leg of the Adventure module for my Society group. Within the pdf that covers the sanctioned content it states that the sanctioned content is:-

Brinewall of Winter (areas M-W2) and (area A1-P5).

The first area makes sense as it would be the dungeon section, But I dont understand the second bit. Could anyone please help?

Thanks in advance!

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I would also like an answer, I ended up just ignoring the second part and running Brinewall castle (M-W2), Because I couldn't figure our what it was referring too.

Grand Lodge

LOL... I found this in the Reign of Winter Chronicle Sheet:

Adventure_______Sanctioned Content______________Level
"The Snows_______An Early Frost and The Depths__________1-2
of Summer"_______of Winter"(area A1-P5)

the second part appears to be a misprint imported from the RoW Chrinicle

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you for clearing it up

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