Surprisingly, there is one detail in Lost Omens: Tian Xia that changes perception on npc in this campaign

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Miyaro apparently has child(maybe in plural because why else specify "eldest child") who is in ten years old enough to be advisor to Ameiko.

I'm fairly certain this is retcon inspired by Miyaro being described watching party bit like distant parent of sorts, but it amuses me because original ap really implies Miyaro seems to live pretty removed from mortals life as agent of her adoptive kami family. So its bit like "wait, when how why with whom what" to me xD

I think its also because original ap didn't really make any implications of the kitsune settlements deeper in the forest or that Miyaro lived among them at all. Like no clue if she has surviving spouse, but yeah huh, I guess she is less lonely character than I thought? Like she is mentioned to need work to blend in with humanity, she is mentioned to be agent kami send outside the forest, etc kind of things made me think she wouldn't have close personal relationships like that unless all kitsune in forest have aloof kami like disposition? .-.

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Miyaro in my game was sort of like the combination mortal diplomat/spy/wetworks for the Kami, and I did put a Kitsune village in the Forest of Spirits along with Eight-and-a-Half Tails (from Kamigawa) as the village leader/spiritual advisor.

In my game Miyaro was the sister of one of the villains (who was secretly a Kitsune in my game).

Anyway this is pretty interesting, and I could definitely make it jibe for my canon.

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How fast do kitsune mature? It has been, what 15 years since the Jade Regent storyline? If they mature early, it could have merit.

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I honestly think its retcon that doesn't make much sense for character as originally presented(well that and I shipped her with one of npcs because of how I interpreted the character as having similarly lonely life), but its definitely interesting thing to consider if you want to take that detail in account and keep canon between editions consistent xD For my table I think I likely have to ignore it and I feel like Miyaro's child is kinda stand in for "well its not like players can stand in as Ameiko's advisors anyway" type of situation where edition changes introduces new characters who take roles pcs might have post canon if there wasn't important npc from original ap to take role(like with Hurricane Queen and who became new queen of Korvosa).

Aeshuura wrote:
How fast do kitsune mature? It has been, what 15 years since the Jade Regent storyline? If they mature early, it could have merit.

Jade regent was thirteen years ago (release was 2011)

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Yeah, sounds like retcon is more likely...

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Yeah I found the Minkai entry a little funny because it would be so different for anybody who ran Jade Regent. 13 years later and Ameiko still hasn't decided whether she should reconstitute the other Imperial families is a little strange on the face of it. But I know for my JR game the PCs will either become the head of the other families, or help Ameiko decide who should become those heads. Obviously it's hard for the Tian Xia book can't just say "The Jade Regent PCs are Ameiko's key advisors etc." but it's also hard to believe the PCs would have nothing to do with the new country. I know by the time my JR campaign is over that entire entry won't apply.

But I might give Miyaro a little kid now because it sounds cute.

Most of the Miyaro background story I simply trashed.

These are the Kitsune starting ages:

Adulthood Intuitive1 Self-Taught2 Trained3
15 years +1d4 years(16-19 years) +1d6 years(16-21 years) +2d6 years (17-27 years)

Even if she had the lowest "Intuitive" background, she should be 16 years old.

In my campaign I left Miyaro a Kitsune with a roguish background, but I made her a Stalker Vigilante named “The Red Knife” as her Vigilante Identity and “Hakushaka Miyaro of Hiyosai” (Countess of Hiyosai) as her social Identity (I was a little inspired by “Diane Foxington” from “The Bad Guys”). Naturally she had the “Everyman” and “Quick Change” Social Talents what helped her hiding in the crowed of Ordu-Aganhei later. She still had a relationship with the Kami and helped translating. And no, she is no child anymore.

more story spoilers here:
The group met her the first time in her Social Identity as a guest of Prince Batsaikhar during the “Feast of Three”. They managed to win her trust during Book 4 and after she rode into Seinaro Heikiko in her Social Identity at the End of Book 5, she left to set “things right” within her own province and the party could contact her later to oppose the Jade Regent. This gave a bonus Rebellion Point in Book 6 (well, Hirabashi Jiro was a bit confused, why a Countess rides into a fortress without guards, but why question that openly).

Ariadne wrote:
The group met her the first time in her Social Identity...

Semi-random GMing note: This is a very good idea.

A character is always more memorable if you meet them first in a low-stakes social situation and then again later in a battle or dungeon.

Book 2, for example, has multiple characters you could run into in Kalsgard, or on the road before you get there - Lute Haggersly, Goti Runecaster, Thorborg Silverskorr - instead of just sitting in a dungeon waiting for you to rescue / kill them.

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