So that happened.... [Potential Spoilers]

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This is mostly theorizing. So hopefully this isn't an issue and could be interesting to see what people would do in this situation.

I'm playing at the virtual table with some friends and we are playing Jade Regeant. We just left Wolf's Ear and are having a bit of a time as we were attacked by Ogres one night and then Werewolves the next night. (I think, we might be cursed.)

This game is slightly homebrewed but not too drastically (I don't think this matters but we will see.) The party is Level three and we are waiting to finish the fight next week but in the first half of the fight the werwolves get to Sandru and he gets bit twice.

My character, a barbarian in the middle of raging turns his back on the potentially slain NPC and proceeds to kill the Werewolf. Sandru, proceeds to wolf out while I am murdering the werewolf that bit him. (Its a full moon, so even if he shouldn't have transformed today...this is the narrative and I find it interesting.)

So Were-Dru starts mauling my barbarian and I have to give him two really nice hits with the greataxe and put him down. I am now pretty damn certain Sandru is dead. Another NPC is likely to die (Some random we picked up to drive an extra wagon.) As he also is in the throws of changing....

How would you handle continuing the story? [I have llayed through the AP once before but itd been years. However, I know Sandru isn't super important.) I cant see things going well with Sandru's crew....but i can see Ameiko and Shalelu still pressing on with the PCs...did we kill the caravan mini game? Would you make one of the PCs the new Caravan leader and just push forwards after refilling NPCs at the next city?

My players face similar issue during the travel to Brinewalls, but it was not yet the fullmoon.

One of them, a witch, succeed in a Knowledge (Nature) check and remembered that a plant called Wolfsbane can heal lycanthropy. So, they search for it and prepare a potion to cure the "potentialy infected" PCs (I made the saves behind my screen)...

It was a very pretty scene, all the caravan waiting the fullmoon to raise and see if the potion will cure them... (Finally, it cured :) )

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