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Jade Regent

One of the players asked how long the Jade Regent had been on the throne. I didn't know.

According to this thread the adventure starts in 4711 and the Brinewall massacre happened 25 years ago.

The Amatatsus fled Minkai a decade or two before that, I guess? Long enough that they had time to get established as the Kaijitsus. This would have been during a period of turmoil when the oni were assassinating the five families, but before they'd seized power.

The Oni escaped the Penance 61 years ago, or maybe hundreds of years ago (Dragon Empires Gazetteer contradicts Brinewall Legacy?). I think in my campaign I said it was 160 years, which sounded like enough time for them to infiltrate the government across the country, have tiefling children, etc.

According to book 6, the Jade Regent is only 26 years old, which is a lot younger than I'd assumed until I checked that just now. That's pretty impressive for a tiefling, given that they normally reach adulthood at 60 or so according to the first google result I got... He must have been on the throne for a few(?) years by the time the party arrive, so he would have had to be really young when he became the Emperor's trusted bodyguard and been named as regent.

It might be too late for my campaign, but what's your best guess for a sensible timeline for how all this fits together?

IIRC, there was a retcon with regard to plane-touched age categories. The final decision was to follow the half-elf aging pattern (I think).

As to the rest of the question ... I haven't yet done that deep a dive into the various sources.

You're right. According to the updates, a Tiefling Samurai starts at an age of 20+6d6 years.

So to be consistent with the standard rules, he must have become a level 1 Samurai at the (1 in 46,656) minimum age of 26, shortly before the time the party set out in Book 1, then was immediately awarded the position of Emperor's bodyguard, then was immediately appointed Regent, then murdered the Emperor (a level 14 Aristocrat) around the time the party were arriving in Brinewall, then seized the throne and levelled up to 15 over the next few months. Which sounds silly, but the party levelled up that fast, so I can't really say it's impossible...

I forgot there was an older thread about this...

It looks like the official timeline is:

4219 Anamurumon is born as a human. He kills the emperor, but is turned into an oni and is condemned to the Penance below the House of Withered Blossoms.

4552 The oni escape the Penance and begin infiltrating Minkai. (According to Book 4.)

4627 Amatatsu Tsutoku (later known as Rokuro Kaijitsu) is born.

4651 The oni escape the Penance and begin infiltrating Minkai. (According to Book 6 - but I think the timeline is more plausible if we use the 4552 date instead.)

4652 The oni, having infiltrated or destroyed every other family, turn their attention on the Amatatsus. The Amatatsus flee.

4652 Akinosa arrives at the House of Withered Blossoms.

4653 The Amatatsus arrive in Kalsgard and sell Suishen. They use the money to establish themselves in Brinewall; later they will move to Magnimar and Sandpoint.

4687 Rokuro return to Brinewall. Lonjiku (his son, Ameiko's father) opens the warding box. The oni arrive. Rokuro dies in Brinewall. Lonjiku survives the sinking of their ships.

4686 The tiefling Soto Takahiro is born. His oni father, Anamurumon, murders Takahiro's mother.

4689 Ameiko is born.

4706 Ameiko barely survives a traumatic adventure involving cannibals in the Fogscar Mountains.

4707 Lonjiku dies (see Rise of the Runelords).

4708 The last emperor, Shigure, takes the throne. One week later, his (weirdly young) bodyguard Soto Takahiro soon betrays him and becomes regent.

4711 Our adventure begins.

4712 (Probably) The party arrives in Minkai.

Matthew Downie wrote:

4686 The tiefling Soto Takahiro is born. His oni father, Anamurumon, murders Takahiro's mother.

Great summary, Thanx!

Only one thing: Anamurumon is Soto Takahiros grandfather, but maybe Anamurumon poisoned his own daugther (it stays unclear, if he is the father of Takahiros father or mother, but killing his own child would add some more evilness to the story).

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