Concerns with our Caravan - Short of supplies...

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Hi there,

my group [I'm a player, so please no spoilers] is closing in on the crown of the world, which will be a long stretch without any chance to resuply and I fear that our supplies will not be enough.

Our Caravan consists of

1 Covered Wagon
2 Supply Wagon
1 Fortune tellers Wagon
2 Dog sleds (1 passenger, 2 cargo)

and 10 NPCs + 3 Players

=> Consumption: 8 (7 Wagon + 13 Passengers -6 Feats -4 (2scouts) -2 cook

Even if we dedicate all cargo (32) to supplies we will only have food for 40 days, which sounds like it will not be enough (our DM told us it will take months to cross the ice shelf).
Did I miss anything here? Should we change our caravan setup? (more supply wagon, less passengers). I'm a little bit confused here...

1) Some northern villages sell supplies. Ulf Gormundr should know of them.
2) The martial characters in my Jade Regent campaign supplemented the food by hunting. Hunting caribou on the tundra is obvious. For the ice cap I created an ecosystem of cold-immune grass growing on the mountains protruding above the ice, cold-immune goats eating the grass, and winter wolves eating the goats.
3) The oracle in the party learned the Abstemiousness spell to extend the food supply if necessary. It turned out to not be necessary.
4) Three party members wore Rings of Sustenance.
5) Most cargo wagons carried food, especially grain for the aurochs pulling the wagons. Others carried trade goods, sold for a good profit at the destination (Pathfinder lacks rules for profitable trade, so I just gave out level-appropriate rewards).
6) For my party, the trip took 3 months.

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