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Doram ob'Han had a great idea in the Hungry Storm (GM Reference) thread about “NPC Action Cards” that I’d like to expand on.

I found another lower on the boards from bbreitz Alternate System for including major NPCs that does something similar.

I’m thinking of having each NPC be represented by a card that is given to a the players. Each card will have 3-5 buffs that the controlling player can choose from each round at the start of their initiative, and maybe an option that will cause the buffs to stop for the rest of the combat (the NPC throws themselves in front of an arrow and are out of commission for the rest of the encounter or even the rest of the day/week if bad enough).

the NPC's general health will mirror the controlling player's character. As the character gets damaged, the NPC will take damage also.

Some thoughts,

  • 1. Perform, (party has a bard with better abilities, she will most likely be doing whichever the bard isn’t)
  • 2. Cast a spell 3 times (Cure light wounds , charm, feather step)
  • 3. Aid Another
  • 4. % chance to add sneak-attack damage to controlling player’s attack
  • 5.

  • 1. % chance to add sneak-attack damage to controlling player’s attack
  • 2. Provide flanking as he acrobatics around the battle.
  • 3. Aid Another
  • 4. Something else

  • 1. Channel to heal (Provide “fast healing 4” to entire party)
  • 2. CMW (15 points twice)
  • 3. CSW (20 points once)
  • 4. Channel v. undead (static 4 points holy of damage)
  • 5. * Free re-roll 1x *-can be used as an immediate action, but player cannot pick a buff next round

  • 1. Static damage to single target per round
  • 2. Hunter’s companion bonus
  • 3. Bonus to perception ?
  • 4. Something else

Ulf :
  • 1. Ignore difficult terrain
  • 2. Aid another
  • 3. Hunter’s companion bonus
  • 4. Flanking?

  • 1. Provide “fast healing #” to entire party
  • 2. CMW x#
  • 3. Channel v. undead (static # points holy of damage)
  • 4. something else

any help on refining this will be greatly appreciated.

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