JR and science-fantasy?

Jade Regent

Hi all, since I will be setting this in my own world which is more dying earth than Tolkien fantasy I am looking for any suggestions to incorporate some space-magic into the AP.

Adding magic items of a more technological bent is relatively easy but would like to add a bit more dying earth/ninth world type weirdness. Thanks.

I own a copy of Jack Vance's Dying Earth, but I am not familiar with the Bibth World. I wonder whether the world of Samurai Jack would also serve as source material for the setting.

I presume that Solomani's game will replace Varisia with one of his lands from his own world, which will immediately change the setting. But to give the sense of ancient space magic, I recommend changing the Amatatsu Seal. Make it an ancient intelligent machine designed to record the lives of the Amatatsu lords and advise them. By making it more computer-like, it would give a flavor of technomagic. It does not need a Warding Box; instead, when Lonjitsu Kaijitsu awoke it years ago, it automatically networked with the seals still in Minkai and gave away its location.

Perhaps the Jade Throne is a similar machine that runs Minkai. Perhaps it controls the weather and trains and automated defenses. The Jade Regent is pretending to regent status because that is the only way he can give it orders.

Nice ideas. Thanks :)

Think I’ll use the seal = computer/AI.

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