The Tale of The Bonsai, And The Fall of The Five Storms

Jade Regent

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My group's play through of this AP was extremely frustrating, as the original table broke up around level 5, and re-formed to finish the campaign. It was sort of directionless for a while, and tough to get everyone invested/paying attention.

Until the tiny little kami in the Forest of Spirits asked us to help him find his bonsai tree. That one request unleashed a hell that even the oni lords were not prepared for.

I wrote up a little retelling of that leg of the journey in The Tale of The Bonsai, and The Fall of The Five Storms for anyone interested in giving it a look!

Unlike most of the other games, there weren't a lot of great moments for my group in this one. But I do have one other tale I might tell if folks like this one, and want to hear more of Nisshoka's story.

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Fun to still see write ups and fiction from older ap campaigns :3

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