Ameiko dies in Rulelords. Amaya died in Council of Thieves. But there's still someone left...

Jade Regent

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Lonjiku! After he survived RotRL when his daughter didn't, Jade Regent, for us, has been that adventure centered around escorting a grumpy, critical old man across the world.

Some do it because stopping the oni is the right thing to do, even if Lonjiku is insufferable. Some are doing it so that Lonjiku will end up on another continent and won't be able to gripe at them anymore, and some just hope the old man won't last very long or produce any more heirs, and the Amatasu scions who were so kind as to bring the emperor over can put forth a new ruler of Minkai from among their own number.

All in all, it's great! I pity those poor characters though.

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Yikes. At least nobody's doing it just to learn how to fleshwarp themselves, or because their friends pressured them into it.
How are those PCs? I hope nobody's Evil, or a witch whose battle plan is to charge with a weapon.

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No evils this time, nah. Goods and neutrals all around.

...Though we do have a tengu enchanter wizard who takes a sword into melee at times. (At least he multiclassed ranger a little.)

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How the heck Linjiku survived while rest of Kaijitsu family died? O_o


Back near the beginning of Runelords, his death scene was edited to involve him near-death. PCs saved him.

Later on, Ameiko took a giant's boulder to the face.

A while after that, Amaya failed to survive the chaos of Council of Thieves' final battle.

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Some folks might not be so appreciative of reading spoilers in a thread title.

Brother Fen wrote:
Some folks might not be so appreciative of reading spoilers in a thread title.

The title is not a spoiler. Ameiko Kaijitsu is a likeable NPC in Rise of the Runelords who is rescued by the party and then sidelined in later modules. Amaya is an incidental character in a group of revolutionaries who help the party in Council of Thieves, never to be seen again when the party leaves Westcrown. They are at risk of death, like any adventurer, but none are foreordained to live or die.

Then in Jade Regent, Ameiko and Amaya are revealed to be last heirs of a lost royal family in Minkai on the other side of the world. That would be a spoiler, but it was not in the title.

LittleMissNaga's plot twist is that in her campaign world Ameiko and Amaya's unlikeable father Lonjiku, who WAS foreordained to die, lived while his daughters died. Her title does not spoil that, nor even hint at that. Jade Regent actually allows the option of creating PCs who are Ameiko's siblings, so a newly-revealed sibling would be the most likely surviving heir.

My Jade Regent campaign was unusual in that I involved both Ameiko and Amaya. The half-sisters played well off of each other. But that is nowhere as strange or as challenging as LittleMissNaga's substitution.

Yup. Title and talk is just what happened in my running. Not the normal plot at all. ^_^

Bringing Amaya back is rather unlikely since it is the end of the campaign and characters no doubt have no knowledge of her heritage. Ameiko might get brought back depending on resources or if her father survives he may very well pay for a raise.

They weren't exactly on good terms. I don't see Lonjiku springing for a raise unless PCs talk him into it (and they tried to. It didn't work out). I could also see Ameiko going with the assumption that if someone is raising her, Lonjiku probably paid them, and choosing to stay dead to spite the old man. They didn't get along particularly well.

It never got that far, though.

Amaya is pretty much a lost cause. Nobody relevant even knows she's dead. (And nobody wants to bring back Tsuto, though he probably doesn't have a real claim anyways.)

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Were I to do it all over, I'd probably make it the child of Ameiko and one of the heroes of Sandpoint, a little over a decade (13-15 years) after Rise of the Runelords. The idea being that she's going to need the PC's guidance to become the queen she needs to be.

This is the sort of situation where I see the PCs gladly just shoving the heir aside and taking the throne for themselves (which they're certainly able to do after a certain event).

I also don't see Shalelu, Sandru, and Koya being willing to travel across the world for Lonjiku. They might do it for the PCs, but not for Lonjiku.

Showing up without a bloodline heir would probably makes books 5 and 6 harder, but I can see that still being easier than trying to get them to accept Lonjiku.

Major Issue with Lonjiku:
Especially if it ever comes to light that Lonjiku murdered his wife. Which I could well see coming up during the final trial to get the blessing of the ancestors, if the Five Storms or the PCs don't unearth the truth earlier.

Sandru went with them because of close PC associations, and Koya's main concern was getting a last good adventure in (plus, again, close PC associations).

Shalelu didn't come.

You're right on track about Lonjiku's dark secret coming up towards the end. Should be interesting.

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Wow, how far are you into it? How long has it been going on?

Just about to see how prince Batsaikhar proposing to the Desnan cleric goes.

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