DudeMeister Notes - Book 6

Jade Regent

Silver Crusade

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The Scenario
House Hiyosai fell to depravity and evil, all that remains are the undead members in the ruins of Hiyosai Palace. Their province now ruled by the city’s governer at the behest of the Jade Regent. The Regent has promised to return House Hiyosai to the ranks of the chosen families if they can use their magical expertise to subvert the power of the Hiyosai relic and grant its mythic power to them. Fragar is on-site to observe their progress.
They are still early in the process though as the Regent has grown only desperate enough to do so when the Rebellion defeated Sennaka, along with the Archmage. They have eked some mythic power from the artefact but it requires immense amount of Jade and the ritual requires a living sacrifice of people oathbound to house Hiyosai. There are precious few of those left. This has left the Hiyosai artefact inert. The players will want to retrieve this artefact in order to reactivate it after the campaign.
At this stage Fragar is willing to betray the Regent, but only if the heroes can convincingly fake his death at their hands, and to do so he will need someone to have their memory modified to truly believe Fragar is dead in case the consort tries to confirm by reading a memory. Fragar will also need the heroes to negotiate, steal, trick or destroy the contract that binds him to the August council’s service. He believes that House Hiyosai has records of the Contract Devil the Five Storms have employed for this as well as the ritual for its summoning.
Destroy the undead in the ruined palace of House Hiyosai.
Retrieve the Hiyosai artefact (guarded by the Archlich).
Turn or Remove Fragar from the August Council once and for all.
- Retrieve the ritual to summon the contract devil. (Held by Hiyosai Uchi)
- Bargain, Steal, Trick or Destroy Fragar’s contract binding him to the August Council in Jade.

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