Dead Man's Dome

Jade Regent

Like many DM's I have dumped the caravan combat rule.

It would not be difficult to convert this into normal combat, using the whole caravan. Stating the risen hero as some kind on free willed "Phantom". However I have a small group, so running all the NPC's in a giant fight will a slow process.

I am toying with the following idea
1. The "Hero" imparting the knowledge of a ritual (from Occult Adventures) to someone.
2. Then having the party/selected NPC's hold off waves of undead
3 The rest of the NPC's/characters do the ritual to raise the Dome's psychic defenses before they are all overrun.

What skill checks and DCs do you think will be appropriate?

Grand Lodge

that sounds like a pretty good way to handle it.

I ended up using the troop rules for the undead and sent them in in groups of two troops, with 2 more each round. I have a large group with some power players, so this kept the fight exciting and prevented it being a blow out.

Not really up on the ritual rules, but i'll look them over and see if I can be helpful.

Maybe base it on Earthbound Ward (from the Haunted Heroes Handbook, or go here and scroll down)? You could increase the backlash a bit to reduce the skill DCs.

Many thanks for the replies. Just the kind of thing I was looking for.

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