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Jade Regent

Very recently (as in a week ago) my friend and I started down the path of, well, the adventure paths. I have long been a fan and player of Pathfinder but never had the money for the more expansive things involved with Golarion, like Adventure Path's. That changed. I'm currently going through a Solo Adventure of Rise of the Runelords (so please don't spoil that either) and my friend is DMing it for me. She fell in love with Ameiko in particular (my character ended up staying at the Rusty Dragon during the events of book 1 and 2) and there is now a discussion about who will run who through the Jade Regent.

I want to know if it's possible to modify the Jade Regent (without significantly changing or even breaking the story) to make Ameiko a PC character and the main character in it. The reason I want non-spoiler answers is because if the answer is yes, I'm running it, and my friend can't read the Adventure Path's. If the answer is no, she's running it, and I can't read it. So we can't actually read it ourselves without potentially spoiling things for someone who might be playing it.

As far as what I define 'significant' changes or breaks, anything like having to rewrite an entire adventure path, or create an entirely new NPC to take Ameiko's place, would be significant. If I can modify the adventure path with a few different plot hooks and some minor NPC's, that's easy enough, but the point is that we want to keep Ameiko's role in the story largely intact.z

So, what do you think?

First of all, let me say that Jade Regent is well suited for Ameiko to be a main PC and may perhaps work better that way.

As written there are a few potential scenarios where Ameiko is treated as a damsel. However it is possible for those to be re-written fairly easily or have another pre-made NPC take that position.

The main spot that is assumed to happen occurs in book 1. Without trying to give away any spoiler, Ameiko is assumed to be put into a coma and utter clues in an unconcious state. However this could happen to a different NPC, or happen to PC Ameiko as moments of unconciousness and dreams. Very easy to adjust.

Scarab Sages

I'm now deep in book 4, and I can confidently say that there only a few scenes you need to alter to make Ameiko a PC character, and a lot of things in the story work a lot better with her as the main focus.

I agree with the above. Making Ameiko a PC requires only a few minor tweaks and probably makes for a stronger narrative.

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