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I know I should have mentioned this during the Playtest, but it is killing me now. How much GP should a party get? On page 347 of the CRB it says, "between the time your PCs reach 3rd level and the time they reach 4th level, you should give them...120 gp worth of currency." So does this mean a 4th level party will have 120 GP or should they have 216 GP (32 GP for 1st and 64 GP for 2nd level plus the 120 GP). When I look at table 11.2, it states a level 4 guys should have 30 GP. So looking at the figure above: 216 GP divided by four is 54 GP.

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If you're starting above 1st level, you don't want that table, you want the Character Wealth table and "Treasure for New Characters" section on page 348.

If you've been playing since 1st level and just hit 3rd level, you give them the amount listed on page 347 for 3rd level between now and 4th level. So when they reach 4th level they will have been given a total of 32+64+120=216 gp in their entire 1st-4th level careers, of which they will have spent quite a bit, so they may only have say 100 gp. Similarly they will have used up some of the items they've been given. That's why you use the page 348 stuff for generating 4th-level characters instead of adding up the lines in the page 347 table.

If none of that is what you wanted to know, could you rephrase your question?

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