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Is the save for Dominion Bile really only DC 23 or is this a misprint? It seems awefully low for a Level 14 monster.

Hh, hadn't though hard about it but could be. I mean that's not even 10+level, which should be the minimum. Unless Dominion Bile is just a lower level poison.

Then again, Deh-Nolos are pretty good casters for their level. I think there are some monsters in P2 that work much better as bosses or minions rather than the other way around.
If a lv12 party were to face a deh-nolo, they’d have a powerful enemy in front of them - and e poison would be just a dangerous but ultimately side power.

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I like to fight. fight. fight. Minions and Deh-Noloooooos.
I like to fight. fight. fight. Minions and Deh-Nolos.

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Is it the exact same as the neh thalggu? If so, it might be a copy/paste error.

Neh Talggu venom has DC22, and imposes Enfeebled and Slowed rather than Drained and Dead. Completely different poison.

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If it's not that, and it definitely isn't supposed to be 33 with a 2/3 swap (that would be too high), I'm not sure, but 23 is definitely awfully low. I did notice it was low when running the stream but then forgot by the end of the stream.

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