"Your previous action must have been" on the same turn?

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There are lots of monster abilities and a handful of class feats which require "your previous action must have been X." Usually X is a successful strike. That's how grab and knockdown work.

Does said action have to have been this turn? Or if I strike an enemy as my 3rd action, can I grab/knockdown as my 1st action next turn?

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RAI is probably yes, same turn, based on how spellcasting and activities work.

Actually, I take that back. Movement is an action. So unless you're just defending a location... XD

Agreed, I believe the intent is definitely same turn.

Especially since if there are any abilities like this where the following action doesn't have to be against the same target, then you could use action A in one fight and then use action B in another. XD

A corner case but a relevant one.

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