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Jaybirdy wrote:
So at level 3, I took the dedication feat. Two cantrips is unspectacular, but the dedication is a feat tax, and I get the need to make multiclassing actually cost something so that there are benefits to just keeping a single class, too. Looking down the line, though, I have to say the fact that I only ever get e.g. one first level spell (and a single slot, for that matter!) is pretty restrictive. That's only one first-level spell per day from multiclassing, even at level 20, if I'm reading that right.

Some good news! There IS a way to get more than 1 spell/spell level out of multiclassing, Bad news! It's another feat, and there are some steep limits.

Prerequisites Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting
Your repertoire expands, and you can cast more spells of your bloodline’s
tradition each day. Increase the number of spells in your repertoire and
number of spell slots you gain from sorcerer archetype feats by 1 for
each spell level other than your two highest spell levels.

Oh, interesting! Can this feat be taken multiple times? The language does sound that way. I suppose it could also apply retroactively as one gains new spell levels, but the language doesn't really support that reading, nice as it would be. Again, very taxing, and I still think it'd be better if a benefit like this was built into each successive spell level feat, but it's something! (And I'm not sure how I missed it.)

No. Feats can only be taken once unless they have language that says otherwise. For example, the human feat General Training has "Special: You can select this feat multiple times, choosing a different feat each time," and the Rogue multiclass archetype feat "Skill Mastery" has "Special: You can select this feat up to five times."

Posting this here...

Though I officially stopped actively participating in the Pathfinder 2 playtest over irreconcilable differences regarding the Paladin Alignment changes as announced in the 1.6 update, my group did ask me to finish my campaign for them.

I agreed to this on the condition that we will not move beyond 1.5 for the duration.

I stopped all other PF2 activity in order to focus on my Elysia Project.

However I was asked to keep this thread updated, so I acquiesced to that request.


Yesterday our story continued.

My players found the citizens of Nybor were gathering at the Welcoming Breeze Inn as the large force of Gnolls and Goblins circled the small village. There was no escape.

The players made their way to the inn, while their ally Buenor Sandhammer slipped away into the night and began organizing what Defenders they found and set a number of traps. The enemy started coming in waves. The players rushed to meet them.

The enemies were engaging in a combination of ranged and melee combat. Occassionally (every 1d4 rounds) a hail of arrows would be incoming, adding extra challenge. The enemies would get reinforcements (every 1d6 rounds) as well.

It was a desperate battle as the PCs used their new weapons and armor against the superior numbers. The PCs suffered some devastating hits, but in the end survived the first two waves. They retreated back to the inside of the inn as the enemy noise tightened and prepared to make their last stand... Hoping for a miracle.


I will not be checking this thread until I make another update as I generally don'tfrequent the boards anymore. My players, as always, are free to respond to and questions and make statements as they see fit.

Until next time.

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