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Starfinder Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6)

***½( ) (based on 15 ratings)
Starfinder Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6)

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A Ship Without a Crew

When a brutal gang war breaks out on a docking bay in Absalom Station, the player characters are recruited by the Starfinder Society to investigate the unexpected bloodshed. Delving into the station’s seedy Spike neighborhoods, the heroes confront the gangs and discover that both were paid to start the riot and that the true conflict is between two rival mining companies battling over a new arrival in orbit around the station: a mysteriously deserted ship and the strange asteroid it recovered from the Drift. To head off further violence, the heroes are asked to investigate the ship and discover what happened to its crew, as well as the nature of the asteroid it tows. But what the players find there will set in motion events that could threaten the entirety of the Pact Worlds and change the face of the galaxy forever...

This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path launches the Dead Suns Adventure Path and includes:

  • "Incident at Absalom Station," a Starfinder adventure for 1st-level characters, by Robert G. McCreary.
  • A gazetteer of Absalom Station, by James L. Sutter.
  • Magical relics inspired by the lost planet Golarion, by Owen K.C. Stephens.
  • An archive of new alien creatures, by Jason Keeley and Robert G. McCreary.
  • Statistics and deck plans for a new starship designed just for the player characters, plus details on a new planet in the Codex of Worlds, by Robert G. McCreary.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-961-5

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Sanctioned Content
Incident at Absalom Station is sanctioned for use in Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

Download the Dead Suns Adventure Path rules and Chronicle sheets — (427 kb zip/PDF)

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 15 ratings)

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Great and scary intro'!


I like this adventure a lot.
It starts in media res, and with a bang.
Goes on to have a very rich investigation and interaction part, where you get to discover Absalom Station, the Startfinder Society and the world of the game.
Then things get spooky and spookier and harder and harder!
You get some space combat, so fighting in 0 G etc..
A bit of everything, but with a nice storyline, that keeps you interested as things get harder and harder!

Stellar Introduction to Starfinder: Don't Listen to the Naysayers


Wow, I'm really blown away by the negative reviews of this adventure. I've run it twice now as the GM, and everyone -- players and GM alike -- had a great time. And both groups approached the adventure in different ways. I really agree with the other reviewer who said that it's well structured. It's a fun introduction to the new mechanics of the Starfinder game as well as to the flavor and backstory of the game world, starting with the "Grand Central Station" of the Starfinder universe.

If you're going to be a player, avoid reading:

The adventure was well structured into 5 parts: (2) start off with a bang in a combat with two evil sets of gang members, (2) murder mystery while getting to know the space station, (3) small, introductory spaceship battle, (4) explore the derelict spaceship, then (5) explore the mysterious "asteroid." One negative review said this adventure was a "dungeon crawl" but that ignores 60% of the adventure because, if anything, only parts 4 and 5 could possibly feel like a dungeon crawl.

I thought it was really smart to start with a chaotic battle, then quickly shift to a murder mystery requiring ROLE PLAYING. To the negative reviewer complaining that no one in the party had ranks in Diplomacy, you get no sympathy here. RPGs are not just about shooting aliens. The GM definitely should read up on the gazetteer in the back of the book about Absalom Station, and let the players explore the space station. After the first fight, the players just kept investigating and exploring Absalom Station. For instance at one point, the "xenoseeker" insisted on going into a nightclub and just chatting up aliens. I pulled out the Alien Archive and described for the PCs skittermanders dancing it up, a shobhad lurking in a corner, the alien guys who have 7 sexes, etc. etc.

One suggestion for GMs in the first fight: I just said each gang accidentally shot one PC: that way the PCs could feel motivated to attack one or both sides, shrug it off as merely inadvertent and try to take cover, focus on helping the dwarf, focus on helping innocent bystanders, etc. In one of my games, the lashunta used his detect thoughts racial power to figure out which gang was "more evil" and then the PCs focused on killing them.

One negative reviewer said there is no villain on the asteroid, which I really don't understand. There are two key villains: a big nasty monster (BBEG) lurking in the cave complex, and the assassin against whom they had a space battle prior to landing on the asteroid. If the PCs win the space battle, the assassin crash lands on the asteroid to hunt them down. If the PCs lose the space battle (unlikely) they can still limp to the spaceship and asteroid, and the assassin still can track them down to get them. I liked how the adventure left how you ran the assassin pretty open-ended because, hey, she isn't even straight up evil.

I listened to the Roll for Combat podcast too. They're playing the whole adventure, and I learned some tips and insights from that too.

Great start for a new system


My small group and I are veteran PFR players and were interested in taking things into space.

This adventure path has been quite a bit of fun - we just finished this one and have begun the second.


***( )( )

I found the overall AP to be fairly flat, if serviceable. It doesn't seem like much effort was made to come up with anything original. You could say that they were trying to riff off of various Sci-Fi movies like Alien, but I was kind of expecting something more to introduce the Starfinder game to players.

To infinity and beyond!

****( )

The following is based on my experiences as a GM running Incident at Absalom Station in “campaign mode” for Starfinder Society with a table of seven level 2 players at my local gaming store…

The Dead Suns Adventure Path is off to a great start with Incident at Absalom Station. The 4/5 rating for me is for the Adventure Path itself and doesn’t take into account all of the extra world-building goodies in the book (which are great!). For the adventure path itself, the three-part series is split into one part investigation and, effectively, two parts dungeon crawl with a starship combat thrown in.

The AP is a good blend of major Starfinder elements, both from a gameplay and universe-building standpoint. For gameplay, the mix of living and undead as well as NPCs with class levels and monsters gives the PCs a wide range of foes to try their skills against. For universe-building, the introduction to Absalom Station is great (especially with the additional material in the book), as well as getting a (very quick) intro to the Starfinder Society and, later, the Eoxians.

There are a few reasons I didn’t rate this a 5/5. First, while a solid adventure, the adventure seemed a little short and I feel could’ve fleshed out some of the organizations involved (i.e. the Starfinder Society) a little bit more. The PCs are showing up at Absalom Station to meet a contact at the very beginning of the adventure, but *minor spoilers* the AP doesn’t ever specify what the PCs were going to meet with him about; it’s all quickly swept away after the first encounter.

Also, in the last combat

at the end of the adventure the last combat has the potential to be very difficult. Especially with new players who probably aren’t playing very optimal characters, this could put GMs in the somewhat awkward position of having to fudge things a bit or face a total party wipe after spending 8+ hours on the adventure path, maybe even as the group’s first experience with Starfinder! I’m fine with giving the PCs a challenge, and it’s hard for me to judge because at least three players at my table (of 7) had played or read the AP, but going in blind I’d worry for a party of 4-5 level 1-2 PCs. Especially if the group is playing “Starfinder Society” mode and doesn’t level up in the middle – 5-6 level one PCs would be massacred! I highly recommend make sure everybody’s at least level 2 at the end.

All in all a good adventure path that serves as a great into to Absalom Station and Starfinder in general!

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