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Aspiring funmaker!

Pathfinder 1st Edition:
Pathfinder Adventure Path #129: The Twilight Child—bestiary entries (bloodplate burster, sishkanset)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #135: Runeplague—bestiary entry (ashullian)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #142: Gardens of Gallowspire—ecology of carnivorous plants, bestiary entry (cauldron bloom)
Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins—vine leshy content

Pathfinder 2nd Edition:
Lost Omens Character Guide—The Magaambya
Extinction Curse Adventure Path—variant xulgath in each volume (bestiary entries)
The Show Must Go On—xulgath bilebearer
Legacy of the Lost God—xulgath spinesnapper, Among the Xulgath
Life's Long Shadows—xulgath stoneliege
Siege of the Dinosaurs—xulgath gutrager
Lord of the Black Sands—xulgath deepmouth
The Apocalypse Prophet—xulgath thoughtmaw
Agents of Edgewatch: Devil at the Dreaming Palace—pickled punk, siege shard
Lost Omens Legends—Old-Mage Jatembe
Lost Omens Ancestry Guide—aphorites and fetchlings
Bestiary 3—danava and hekatonkheires titans

(with Jenny Jarzabski) SFS #2-17: Cost of Living
Near Space—Ghorus Prime, ghoran options
Fly Free or Die #3: Professional Courtesy—augerbeak and gammenor
Galaxy Exploration Manual—plains

Encounter Table Publishing (Pathfinder 1st Edition)
Aethera Field Guide—flux giant, nether giant

Lost Spheres Publishing (Pathfinder 1st Edition)
City of Seven Seraphs—purgeblade, purifying and greater purifying armor special abilities, rimecowl

Paizo Fans United (Pathfinder 1st Edition)
Wayfinder #18—bestiary entry (zolavoi)

Rite Publishing (Pathfinder 1st Edition)
Demiplanes: Valhalla—rules content, including artifacts, occult rituals, and planar traits (Endzeitgeist 4.5 stars and seal of approval)

Rusted Iron Games (Pathfinder 2nd Edition)
Ancestries of Tombstone: Centaur