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BOOOOOO!!! Why would you give him a shirt1? This is unfair!

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This one's a lot better than the Amiri art

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She looks weirdly thin

Love Pharasma channeling Metron here

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Rysky wrote:

Her chapter has awesome opening art, "Screw you, Satan!" Her section has some of the best art in the book, showcasing her? as a little cute baby spider, and an Anandi women (avatar/priestess?).

She's the younger sister of Acheakak.

Was brought into existence by older gods to weave order into existence... but got bored with that.

If her brother is the assassin of the gods then she's the court jester there to mock them. She loves playing tricks and upsetting exceptions, especially if it teaches a lesson (does not get along with Sarenrae).

I love her already

Nice! The campaign I'm running right now is set in Cuvacara so this will be really useful!

Cavacara? Excellent! My current campaign is largely set there, and that'll help me a lot!

Is this ever gonna be answered?

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The monitor looks really weird, more like a bedazzled Gila monster than anything else, but the rest of them look great, especially the Smilodon!

Ravingdork wrote:
Sauce987654321 wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Yqatuba wrote:
What is the most powerful creature in the book please tell me?
The Living Apocalypse. It's a CR 20 civilization killer.
That sounds cool. What is it and what does it do?

It is a mindless killing force created when the most powerful destructive energies known to the galaxy are unleashed without constraint or limitation, especially in acts of malice or as a result of criminal negligence. A living apocalypse can be the result of powerful energy generators melting down, the use of doomsday weapons, or even magic experimentation gone horribly awry.

It ends all life, wherever it can find it.

It somewhat resembles the smoke monster from Lost, or the mindflayer from Stranger Things (season 2), or a radioactive storm of vengeance living spell (Eberron), or the Nothing from Never Ending Story. It is a shapeless engine of death that burns, crushes, disintegrates, and irradiates everything within hundreds of miles of it.

This is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the Starfinder campaign I'm starting next week.

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Joe Pasini wrote:
I imagine the several tashtari (laser wolf) augmentations will also be popular choices...

Oh man, we can augment ourselves into the butcher from Fiddler on the Roof?! Nice!

Reckless wrote:
Paladinosaur wrote:
So, who's ruling Korvosa?
Cressida Kroft, or whomever your CC PCs put in charge.

A pleasant surprise. I kind of expected it'd be Neolandus. Not that he'd be a bad choice but Cressida's awesome.

Can anyone answer what the fey in the book are?

Holy s+#%.

Also what are the fey in the book?

Luke Spencer wrote:
Troodos wrote:
Which dinosaurs get the illustration(s)? Are they accurate?
The illustrations aren't of traditional dinosaurs so much. The dinosaur statblocks are for generic prehistoric creatures from any planet, so the illustrations are of alien dinosaurs instead of Earth/Golarion dinosaurs. It's similar to the herd animal and predator stat groups.

That's pretty cool, guess I'm gonna doodle some alien dinosaur designs then.

Do they have any cool lore or abilities mentioned?

Which dinosaurs get the illustration(s)? Are they accurate?

Are there many undead in this book? Because ATM it kinda feels like the game is overloaded with undead.

Opsylum wrote:
Troodos wrote:
Any animals in this book?
** spoiler omitted **

Dinosaurs!? Which ones!?

Any animals in this book?

Are there any dragons in this book? (Creatures of the Dragon type, not just true dragons)

Can we have descriptions of the Bolida, Osharu, Phentomite, Quorlu, and Vlaka races?

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KingOfAnything wrote:
I like the mention of Adoptive Ancestry. Confirmed we can make especially tall dwarves!

Finally my 6'0" dwarf fighter with a 30 Cha can come into fruition!

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The Final Chronicle

Based on a persistent conspiracy theory, this long-running program follows the adventures of a fictionalized version of Durvin Gest as he uses the Scepter of Ages to travel across all of time to chronicle the history of the entire universe.

By the Sword

An epic speculative drama that asks the question: what if there were no magic in the world? The series takes place over the course of several decades, skipping ahead a few years every season, as it chronicles the lives of the Cargwritt family and their struggle to survive in a world where might makes right and enlightenment and education is sparse.

Elethen Worlinpike

Worlinpike was a long-lived half-elven playwright born shortly before the end of the Gap. Obsessed with the history that was lost, he strove to chronicle as many great epics from the time of lost Golarion as possible. His outstanding character dramas The Last Days of Thassilon, Abrogail I, The Crown of Fangs, General Arnisant, Choral Rogarvia, and Ninshanbur all received great acclaim, though his few forays into comedy, such as The Drunken Hero, about the mortal exploits and ascension of Cayden Cailean, are considered his true masterpieces. Nevertheless, some have harshly criticized his tendencies to alter history for the sake of a good story, and many scholars believe his overly sympathetic portrayal of Karzoug the Claimer in his battle against Alaznist is utterly absurd and possibly even dangerous.

Outpost Nine

A hit comedy series about the lives of a team of Pact Worlds soldiers stationed on a remote outpost in the Vast, Outpost Nine was made by a group of Akitonian vidgamers working out of an abandoned fuel hauler. The series has been praised for its expert use of limited resources, though as the production values have improved, some believe it has lost its original charm.

The CRB clearly states that NO ship can run its Drift and normal engine at the same time, the normal engines need to be powered down for a full minute to activate Drift engines.

The Devourer cult weapons are insane. D20 damage!

Wait, at PaizoCon it was the Air and Water elementals wasnt it? Why the change?

Can you give descriptions of the Deh-Nolo, Hesper, and Bryrvath?

David knott 242 wrote:
Troodos wrote:
What are the dragons in the book?

Full stats for a young adult blue dragon (size Huge) plus template grafts for all five types of chromatic dragon.

Interesting, no Outer Dragons? Good thing it's so easy to convert stuff from PF!

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What are the dragons in the book?

I wonder who would win, these Horsemen of the Apocalypse or the Horsemen of the Apocralypse?

I was talking to the owner of my FLGS about how Id like if they did a hardcover for each Pact World, but knew this was more likely. Still very excited!

All Lashunta armor in my games will be super-skimpy (for both genders) and consists mainly of force fields.

Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Necrovegemite wrote:
Dean HS Jones wrote:
Luna Protege wrote:
Luke Spencer wrote:
Elebrian is the actual species name for Eoxians, like the Brethedans, their actual name is the Barathu.
I wonder what an Elebrian would look like if they were hit by a True Resurection. Or some other spell that turned them from Undead to living.

It declines to accept the Resurrection and stays undead.

Does Starfinder resurrection still have a time limit? We aren't exactly fresh, you know.

Isn't the time limit about the soul being processed through the boneyard? Wouldn't an intelligent undead like that not count for that?

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Reg Shoe would have a lot of opinions about this thread

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Two characters: a Triaxan dragon rider and her dragonkin mount, however the dragonkin has recently converted to the faith of a god not normally worshipped on Triaxis, causing friction between them despite their unbreakable bond.

David knott 242 wrote:
Troodos wrote:
Paladinosaur wrote:

Oh Mighty Orb,

I've heard rumors that a PF character is present in Eox. Is it true? And if yes, who?
I bet I can guess...

You would probably be wrong.

Well now I'm REALLY curious.

Paladinosaur wrote:

Oh Mighty Orb,

I've heard rumors that a PF character is present in Eox. Is it true? And if yes, who?

I bet I can guess...

Voss wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Wikrin wrote:
Hmm wrote:

As one of the GenCon GMs, I feel like one of Santa's gnomes! Which is good, because I'm short enough to be one.


Santa uses Elves; Gnome toys pose too great a choking hazard. :D
The problem is, while they are called "elves," they don't act, look, or have the abilities of elves.

Or late 20th geek-culture tabletop games do elves wrong (because Tolkien), and older mythology more closely related to the even older myths of elves is more correct.

Norse elves and the like would be more recognizable as dwarves.

While dwarves are a type of elf in the Norse myths, Ive always seen the alfar depicted a bit more like the Aos Si.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Ten more days. ^^
Dammit magnuskn, row faster! We're in this boat together!
We are Gendry.

That's Edric ya heathen!

Are there traits, or have themes pretty much eclipsed them?

Are there rules that would let you, say, fight a great wyrm on a starship scale? Or other giant space monsters?

How easy is it to crash your ship?

Are there any "negative energy" weapons?

Are there rules for boarding parties?

How's Verces doing? What about Kalo Mahoi?

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BALOR. Good god, Balor. The mythical Balor is one of my favorite figures in myth, so making it a discount Balrog frustrates me. It doesnt even have a gaze attack!

As for the question of "why would Besmara depose Lamashtu specifically?", the answer is pretty obvious: they have a significant overlap, in that both of their areas of concern include monsters. IDK if they've ever been said to have a rivalry, but Besmara definitely dislikes Dagon, who also contests her on dominion over sea monsters, so it'd make perfect sense that of the original core 20, she'd go after Lamashtu

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Antony Walls wrote:

For instance, "Editor Jason Keeley covered some of the information regarding starships. The chapter covering them has rules for engagement, stats for prebuilt ships, and rules for building your own craft."

Really, what did he say?

...Pretty much that, but in more words. He didn't painstakingly go over the rules, or show us every premade ship. He showed us a couple pages from the chapter and said pretty much what the blog said.

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A few more details (I was at the banquet):

The little guys on the Alien Archive cover are called Skittermanders.

There's also a new god of evolution, Oras.

The Azlanti Star Empire are descended from off-world Azlanti colonies not affected by Earthfall. The Free Captains are now Space Pirates!

Idari is a Kasatha generation ship (explaining how there's enough for them to be a core race)

There's a spell called Logic Bomb, which if it has anything to do w/ the TV Tropes page of the same name, is gonna be so much fun.

The character themes are ace pilot, bounty hunter, priest, scholar, spacefarer, icon, mercenary, xenoseeker, outlaw, and themeless

New factions include the Xenowardens and the Android Abolitionist Front (not the Abolitionist Front of Androids, those guys are nuts)

Dwarves mine asteroids

The Book of the Damned will finally give us details on the Pathfinder versions of Orcus and Jubilex

I missed the open event signup and have only two events I'm signed up for, two games on Friday. Is there anything I can do on the other days?

I'm surprised (though not disappointed) by the decision to combine the courts of Ileosa and Swastel.

Azazyll wrote:
Please tell me there will be more than a sentence of lore for these dragons. Honestly the only part of these bestiaries I'm continuously disappointed in is that the true dragons are nothing but art and rules. I have all five bestiaries and I don't use any of the true dragons past the first since there's no lore to grab my attention. We need another dragons book to breath some life into them!

1000% agreed. Imperial dragons were the last ones that I really thought were interesting, due to all the lore about them in the Tian Xia book.

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What pronouns do hosts use?I feel like that's important for both role play and not confusing players.

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THis concept is super cool, even for someone like me who isnt usually a big fan of oozes.

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