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No, it's "Eeeeevil!"

And then there was one...

HangarFlying wrote:
I'm not calling you infantile. I'm saying your argument is infantile. There is a difference.

Six years later and you're still correct. Some people just can't be happy about anything.

Finally sold out. Only one gargantuan dragon left in stock!

These "convince me" threads are pretty pointless. No one will convince you as your mind is made up. Rejoice for you have been chosen to continue running Pathfinder after Second Edition balances the universe and you may houserule the remains as you see fit.

Usually, no. Under very special circumstances with a really excellent player/fellow GM, I would consider it.

There are a few old Pathfinder Society scenarios that come to mind that work well as horror themed one-shots. I've run 00-06 Black Waters and #35 Voice in the Void for Halloween in the past with only minor tweaks to up the terror.

One on one, the Tatterman is probably more than a match for any of them. Maybe remind your cleric to prep Soothing Word to deal with those conditions, if he hasn't already. Unless they come back together, they are probably toast.

Rough place to stop.

Gorgeous aerial shot of Sandpoint!

Ah, an Occult path at last. Nice.

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I'm not crazy about the water elemental design, but the first two elemental lords from Maze of Death look amazing on the table. I can't wait to put them into play.

I'm surprised Paizo doesn't follow a format closer to the Strategy Guide.

We've had a couple boss battles that took most of the session or roughly four hours.

We've never had PFS at our local store and the D&D Expeditions group died off months ago due to a lack of GMs. I've never picked up the GM torch for PFS because I don't like organized play with random people. I prefer homegames and that's the way it will stay for the foreseeable future, until I run through all of the good Paizo Adventure Paths.

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If they don't want to play the adventure, then they should play something else. Agreeing to play the AP means just that. They know this event is going to happen and the adventure is not one about leaving town and not looking back.

Just run the first three parts of an AP - or the last three. Or three from across three different APs. It's not that difficult.

Not a good idea. Run the spells as written to avoid disaster. Magic Missle doesn't miss. Scorching Ray is ranged touch. Fireball has a chance for evasion. That's the way it works.

Kobold Press should consider making Freeing Nethus available again, as it is one of the very few high level adventures written for Mythic Adventures. I only recently heard of it through random chance.

Battlecircle. Redbeard. And the never released Expedition to Barrier Peaks, just because.

Inevitables are dying out, so you can work that into your head canon in a way that makes sense.

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Welcome to the reality that tabletop RPGs are NOT simple games. So trying to make one that is "simple" is impossible. That's why the OSR are so silly. To outsiders, they're all impenetrable.

Buy new ones. My players have their horses killed out from under them all the time. Ignoring they're there is a video game silliness that shouldn't be encouraged in my opinion.

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Wow. Out of print already!

I'm running a sex cult of Shub Niggurath encounter soon, so this is somewhat timely and unexpected.

Zethorn wrote:
Dracovar wrote:
Reckless wrote:

For anyone interested, I'm Brother Fen's GM, and these are the campaign traits I came up with before the player's guide was out:

** spoiler omitted **...

Those are quite well done, kudos. I think they would co-exist nicely alongside the Player's Guide traits too, as worth additions (while providing even more options for players).
I will wholeheartedly agree with Dracovar. I was impressed with the number of choices and overall selection.

Yep! I'm lucky to have an awesome GM!

Just buy the flip mat designed for it! The great thing about Crypt of the Everflame is that the classic Dungeon Flip Mat was designed for the module and it was added to the Classics line last year.

If you don't want to do that, then draw it out ahead of time. You can even go so far as to draw it on thick posterboard to use as the map. That way, you only draw it once and can bring it out each session. Just use Fog of War to cover the unexplored areas and reveal them one at a time!

Sounds epic!

I've run several campaigns with guns or gunslingers, but it was always Golarion based with "emerging guns" rather than commonplace. Guns aren't really a problem. I'd suggest leaving them as "emerging" to keep the game balance and cost meaning it's not easy to find guns on every corner.

Why use "commonplace" with no advanced firearms though? I've allowed advanced weapons, It's no big deal. It does reduce the misfire penalties and makes reloading easier, but nothing game breaking.

In my ongoing mythic campaign, my players discovered they were sired by Cayden Cailean, when he admitted this to them inside the Blessed Cup. They have also met and or encountered Orcus, Erastil, Magdh and the Lantern King.

No. Bards accessed the druid spell list.

"Better" than what exactly? My bard in AD&D was straight up awesome. Old school bards are the real bards. Fighter. Thief. Then bard.

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I don't think they'll revisit anything like mythic as we know it. There's too much negativity on this silly forum against it.

If you're a long time gamer like me, you probably looked forward to epic level play and then never reached it. Mythic Adventures was the first way to introduce epic level play without having to build a campaign for five years and then hope it didn't fall apart before you got the chance to implement the rules.

I am asking for a sidebar. That is all. Simple advice on using Mythic Adventures to confront a Mythic adversary. We're talking six sidebars over the course of an AP.

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Second edition killed this game for me. "Herofinder" was right there for the taking rather than dropping ten years of work.

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The notion of combining consumables with resonance is ridiculous. How does going from one method of tracking to TWO methods of tracking make this easier?

To use Erik Mona's favorite argument, I can't think of any fiction where a hero downed a potion only to lament that he had no resonance, so it wouldn't work.

In my old AD&D game, my PC met a few gods, mainly Hecate.

Yeah, imagine how many poor gamers rolled a d20 thinking it was a d4 and couldn't read the Nat 20 they just rolled because it's a strange squiggle.

Oh, the horror.

I love my Runelords dice and these look like a nice addition. I don't have a problem recognizing one die from the other based on, of all things, the shapes and number of sides. I think when I see the squiggle come up, that I can guess that it's supposed to be the highest value.

Name Violation wrote:
sword devil ranger. just to be different

From Worldscape. Right.

Skipping first level is weak sauce. It's a tactic used by poor gamers. The game has always been about building one's way up from humble beginnings to great things.

That's what I would love to see, but Second Darkness is still filling the Paizo warehouse. We'll most likely see Kingmaker updated to PF 2 in the near future.

10% is good. That's what I use for our Pathfinder Society and I believe that is one of the official boons. Be careful, however, as your players will try to apply it to selling weapons, crafting and goodness knows what else.

You have to figure out how to work it. If you want to see pawns for the older APs, then push for the adventure to be re-released in a collected edition. This will be accompanied by a pawn set.

The rewards you're asking about are actually separate from the Militia rules. It is explained on page 22 of Trail of the Hunted.

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The reason for bad reviews is lame gamers. Simple as that.

Fighter or a cavalier, if you want to take her mount into account.

There's partial cover in both examples from what I can see. SO, yes, they will get the AC bonus.

PCs cleared the west wing during the last session. They pretty much hovered around 1 to 3 hit points the entire session. The adventure definitely has that deadly Call of Cthulhu feel to it so far. I've made a few mistakes due to misreading the map, but I was able to catch my mistake and make up for it, so the players didn't miss anything.

They ended the session by taking their three doppelganger bodies to the barrier and were allowed to pass through to the chapel. They still have Doctor Oathday in tow, so I am working out the various sorts of trouble she can cause. I probably just have her disappear and take the statue of Desna with her. I might have Winter drop some hints about doppelgangers and then they'll realize Iza Weeds is gone.

I'd like to have her kidnap somebody, but I don't see a way for her to get another person past the guards.

We had our first session last week. Enjoyed the heck out of it! I love the things being set up.

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Glad to see this. All we need now is a Starstone campaign guide.

Mythic Agile is definitely the easiest to apply with the most effect!

I got to play in my first session of Return tonight. We had a lot of fun and I like the way things are being set up. I'm super excited to see how it all plays out!

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