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Theoretically if things go sideways in this adventure path, Where would I look incase my players decide to become runelords. Are there mechanics anywhere for this to happen?

Cheers for the clarification James Jacobs! We all appreciate all the hard work you put in!

It says in her write up that she doesnt suffer age penalties

Unless Sorshan has a Base strength of 3, I believe her stats are calculated Wrong?

14 - 6 (+6 belt of Physical perfection) - 5 (+5 Inherent Bonuses) = total of 3?

Assuming thats all, are we going to get a correction to this? or have her just be super frail

Does anyone else have a problem with how tiny that halflings feet are?


9/10 reppin' those tatts


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Honorable Battle-Brother wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Honorable Battle-Brother wrote:
FatherShaun wrote:
Malefactor wrote:
Solarion, channels dark energy and light energy, tied with stars, Envoy, who is kind of a team leader type al la bard Operative who is some sort of space secret agent/ninja, Soldier, who is a space-fighter, Technomancer, combines tech with magic, Mystic, caster who channels energy of the universe (Whatever that means) and Engineer, guy who is good with tech and has robot companion.
Sweet! Good to know! Don't forget to PRAISE THE HOLY PLASMA CANNON!


Lock and load. Time to cleanse some corruption and chaos!


You do me proud, Battle-Brother. I Salute you


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Troodos wrote:
Leviathan Rising, anyone?

Leviathan Wakes!

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Wes's Tumblr has all the answers :)

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Skiver from Reign of Stars And City of the Fallen Sky.

Bors Kaskyrbai and Roshad from the Redemption engine.

I'l report on more when I get through more.

Ventnor should not rule this city due to the fact he ATE every citizen of his last city.

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My divinations have told me that pharasma has judged him "The Greatest"

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The hyperion cantos by Dan Simmons. Its where my mind immediately ran too upon reading the setting for starfinder

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Impossible sorcerer Bloodline..

Spell Focus - (Enchantment) is your best friend.

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It does, Thanks Kalindlara!

Hey guys,

I am pondering picking up the audiobook collection, but I am curious if any of them have spoilers for the adventure paths?

The one I am curious at the most right now is "City of the Fallen Sky"~ I am less inclined to pick it up and read it if it will spoil the AP I am currently playing in.

9/10 - Would make for a good coat rack.

Avelina of Mendev wrote:
11/10 - The Greatest Goddess that Ever Has Been or Ever Will Be! I love you, Darling!

Sempai notices

3/10 - This Ladies and Gentlemen, is why you do not fall sleep at parties.

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9/10 I am Partial to Evil Harlequins!

Molten Dragon is banned for being too damn hot!

My Grenade house rule.

"Before being thrown by hand, the grenade must be primed with a quick twist of a dial at one end and then armed with a click of a button at the center of that dial. Priming and arming a grenade is a free action; a grenade launcher primes and arms all grenades it fires. The grenade detonates at the beginning end of the wielder's next turn, hopefully in the area targeted."

this gives the person a chance to Cook the Grenade, and have a little more control over the toss. But adds additional risk and Reward in terms of the weapon its self

I would say that when you are preparing your spells in the morning, You are taking in the divine energy to produce the effects, and the spells themselves are in effect, your way of venting said energy.

You can use them for your whim, after all, Iomedae is a busy god, and does not have time individually assist you with guidance each time you need a +1 on your diplomacy, or your buddies too hit.

On that off note. Otherwise, I would liken it to casting a beneficial spell on somebody, and it not going away when they decide that your usefulness to them is up, and go to kill you or do something that would violate your code. (maybe that fly spell you cast on them gave them the ability to set fire to that floating orphanage? who knows)

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I can totally see some Zelda/Shiek Styled Kingmaker mischief with the vigilante.

Hey Guys, One of the things i have found really interesting in the past adventures has been the opportunity to create and hand props to the players. Weather it is Coloured Key Cards from Iron Gods, or the Medals of Valor from Wrath of the Righteous.

I have been looking at Giant Slayers and am stumped about what I should give my players, SO far, only pretty maps have come to mind.

To me a Toon is better represented by an Eidolon.

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... Book five of Wrath of the Righteous... Still not sorry.

Scholz is Banned for wearing too much red.

Lil' Champ

Have you tried New World of Darkness. Between house ruling splat powers and Mortal Psychic stuff, you can get some pretty nice super hero stuff going.. Or Scion?

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I've been keeping my eye on your Rysky! One thing I do not get though.. was last night really necessary? I mean, You are on the silver crusade, But did you really have to do that?! Makes me and my trumpets look positively innocent.

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Damn it Cosmo. I know you're the one to blame for the worldwound.

Going to read these now. Thank you for your service!

... Some of those traits need to be in the book. Love them! :D

I personally like to use music scores. Take a peek at the Mummys for example.