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I think it's pretty cool that we're getting three hardcover books in the same year.

If it's at all possible for the PCs to take control of the Devastation Ark, then it will be VERY bad news for the Swarm, Corpse Fleet, Cult of the Devourer, and many other of the Pact World's threats.

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Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free,
You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black,
Tell them I ain't comin back.
Burn the land and boil the sea,
You can't take the sky from me.

There's no place, I can be,
Since I've found Serenity.

And you can't take the sky from me.

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Things are going to be pretty exciting for Starfinder with this and Grimmerspace hitting in the same month.

Does anyone have their subscriber copy or would it be too early for that?

Pinstripedbarbarian wrote:
there were lots of gaps (hah) in the ways you could build a character to do stuff you wanted.

Ironic, I made that same joke with a friend at the game store the other day.

So how does Solar Flare work? Is it another option like a Solar Weapon or Armor?

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Oh boy, Doom Eternal and THIS in the same month...maybe I'll end up making a Vesk Soldier who has a blood-oath to fight the Abyss and RIPS AND TEARS demons.

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It'd be funny if Zemir actually opened a portal to the other side of the Gap and his friends are chilling on Golarion right now.

It's so strange and sad to me that Gary had a ton of respect and fame after writing Way of the Wicked, then just decided to throw that all away. He could have been one of, if not the most respected 3rd party Pathfinder writer ever. Now his name is synonymous with broken promises, bitterness and disappointment.

Preemptive question before the subscriber PDFs start dropping: what are the new Swarm creatures in this one?

Are there any new empires or important factions introduced to the SF setting in the fluff of this book?

Mighty Orb, what can you tell me of the Brenneri and Espraksa?

For those of you who have the PDF, what's the basic low-CR swarm grunt like?

I'm really surprised we didn't get that in Alien Archive 1, you would think by including a species called "The Swarm" we'd get their equivalent of a Zergling or Hormagaunt in the first monster book.

You don't even get to fight him?

Eh. I think I'll replace that part with homebrew.

John Compton wrote:
Axial wrote:

I have a question, and I have a sinking feeling that the answer is "no".

Do we get the domains/subdomains/favored weapon for Tar-Baphon once he becomes a god? I'd be really interested in what "God-Baphon"'s crunch is and it'd be pretty cool for if I want to run a homebrew where he succeeded in getting the Starstone.

** spoiler omitted **

Thank you so much! Since you're the writer of this module this pretty much counts as being "from the horse's mouth" in my opinion; so I have no complaints now. Look forward to reading about the Tyrant's hijinks and shenanigans in the Lost Omens book!

Ugh, thought so. Would've been cool.

I have a question, and I have a sinking feeling that the answer is "no".

Do we get the domains/subdomains/favored weapon for Tar-Baphon once he becomes a god? I'd be really interested in what "God-Baphon"'s crunch is and it'd be pretty cool for if I want to run a homebrew where he succeeded in getting the Starstone.

What about the new prestige class?

What are the new archetypes?

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Looks like the SCP Foundation has taken over Paizo

Thomas Seitz wrote:
*only cares that if Orcus gave him the wand, MAYBE now we'll get people to do Rappan Athuk in Golarion*

I thought about putting Rappan Athuk in Golarion. I figured it'd make sense for it to be in Ustalav. The cult of Orcus were buddy-buddy with the Whispering Tyrant and Zelkor was part of the Shining Crusade alongside Iomedae.

So let me get this straight: if Tar-Baphon succeeds in his goal of using the Starstone to become a god, he basically becomes Nagash from Warhammer, right?

I'm genuinely interested in seeing what his domains and favored weapon are, but since there's not going to be a campaign continuation article maybe we won't get that.

With all those high-level spells with stratospheric DCs, I frankly don't think she needs a weapon.

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The thing in part B3 of the final area reminds me of Silent Hill 4: The Room. I wonder if that's where the inspiration came from.

For people who don't care about Heart of Night or SH4 spoilers:
In Silent Hill 4: The Room you come across a giant disembodied head of one of the female characters in a room late in the game. It's apparently alive and it's eyes follow the main character. And in this AP there's a room towards the end where there's a giant head of Dr. Lestana Gragant. I can see the writers getting inspiration from SH4 because of the psychological and paranormal themes from the game which fit this AP pretty well. Here's a spoiler-y video which discusses the game in-depth:

I wonder who that is on the cover. It looks like he's some kind of antipaladin, but he has the symbol of Iomedae.

quote wrote:
This volume also includes an extensive article showcasing the final material written by Paizo's developers for the first edition of the Pathfinder RPG.

What does this actually mean?

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Feros wrote:
Since fighting her isn't going to come up (unless the campaign goes right off the rails), the player's seeing her stats shouldn't hurt.

This is probably how she'd react to the PCs fighting her.

Do the Stewards ONLY police the Pact Worlds, or do they have authority to go beyond the solar system?

I would like to know about the new races and their flavor, if you don't mind. Is the undead race essentially playable Eoxians? That's what I was hoping for.

Moonbeam wrote:

2 more PC deaths, very similar to one another.

Name: Fenilan
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Skald 2
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: Random encounter : Molthuni Patrol
Catalyst: Being an elf
The Gory Details: The Molthuni patrol turned out to be a considerable challenge for this level 2 party, but most of all, the patrol’s level 4 captain with his impressive archery skills, flaming arrows and favored enemy: elf. The first action of the first round of the fight was the captain shooting Fenilan with 2 flaming arrows for 27 points of damage, bringing him from lightly wounded to dead.

Sadly, Fenilan was already out of hero points, so that was a real death.

Guess those guys just earned their citizenship.

I would say either give them their own homeland or send them all to fight the Worldwound.

I can see it now, and it looks awesome.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Updated with final product description and cover image!

I can't see it

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Pretty sad how McBride was praised so much for Way of the Wicked and how it became probably the best 3rd party campaign ever, only for him to throw away all the goodwill and popularity he had because he decided to stop talking to his backers. Also, I find it really inspiring and a bit sad that kevin_video is doing more than McBride ever did to keep the WoTW/ToN community alive.

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So, is our general consensus "A lot of cool flavor and awesome archetypes but the Shifter class sucks"?

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David knott 242 wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
What is an Aeon Guard?
Basically an Azlanti storm trooper.

Do they have a -20 attack penalty on every ranged attack with a laser weapon?




KingOfAnything wrote:

The Haan are Large, playable monstrous humanoids that get 1st-level flight (i.e. feather fall) as a non-magical at-will ability.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Dragonkin are Large, with a 1/day breath weapon.

Honestly, the Haan make me so angry...I just don't see how they're supposed to be a player race. They're literally Large giant insects with no opposable thumbs. How do they wield weapons? How do they wear armor? It just screams "convoluted and disruptive to games".

I saw the title and thought it was something about Way of the Wicked.

Maybe if Eiseth actually succeeds in taking down Moloch and getting his position, Asmodeus will acknowledge her superiority and allow her to take Moloch's place. That kinda sounds more CE than LE, but then again Hobgoblins have duels amongst them to determine who gets to lead.

This is a really funny thread for me.

Within my local gaming group, I've GM'ed several times and I've frequently used cultists as villains. Hobgoblin cultists of Moloch, cultists of Baphomet, cultists of Orcus, cultists of Dagon, and so forth. It's become an in-joke that I'm obsessed with cultists and always use them as villains. Or specifically "irredeemable demon-worshipping cultists who can't be reasoned with".

How much new information does this book going to have about Orcus? Wasn't he going to get new art and a redesign to distinguish him from his WOTC counterpart?

Reading this thread saddened me somewhat.

Not because I disagree with any of it's contents or disdain the original poster, but rather, reading this made me realize just how many oversights, contrivances, and missed opportunities there are in Hell's Rebels. It was one of my favorite APs, and seeing Ranulf deconstruct and criticize it in such depth makes me feel that it's a completely non-sensical, mediocre mess.

I guess he's right, it needs to be *heavily* modified to make it work.

A Hobgoblin campaign would be awesome.

What the heck are the "Unseen"?

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Whoa, Lakeside, you've done a lot of research on this.

]Page 41 wrote:

A 50-foot-wide bridge of tourmaline stands over Argent Lake, connecting the lakeshore to the large island supporting the Onyx Citadel. An Ironfang camp on the island numbers thousands strong, but the overwhelming majority of these troops are typical hobgoblins, minotaurs, trolls, and low-level combatants reflected in earlier volumes of this Adventure Path. Because these gathered masses pose little challenge for the PCs even when gathered into troops, their exact numbers are left up to you. The PCs can assault or ignore the hobgoblin camp as they see fit—the ultimate battle lies within the fortress itself, and only by defeating both Azaersi and Zanathura can the PCs halt the Ironfang Legion’s threat once

and for all.

Is it possible to bring the player's Nirmathi/Fey/Molthuni allies into the vault so they can have a final battle scene with this camp?

Either an actual combat encounter using the Nirmathi and Molthune troop statblocks from Land of Conflict or just "We'll deal with the army while you go inside the citadel and put an end to this!"

Axial wrote:

I was thinking of starting it with a short adventure where the PCs partake in a raid against Molthuni soldiers to rescue Nirmathi hostages. Essentially using the Molthune army as an "intro villain" before the main threat of the Ironfang Legion is introduced.

Essentially, this would show the larger context in which the campaign takes place and have the PCs establish themselves as skilled and effective warriors in a relatively triumphant attack on the Molthunis, before the grim and depressing fall of Phaendar and the party's desperate flight across the plains with the refugees in tow.

Just to add to my previous post, lemme put it this way:

You know how Dutch and the other commandos in Predator take on a bunch of normal human guerrillas before they encounter the Predator itself?


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