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Tacticslion wrote:

Not touching my face is haaaarrrrrrrrrrd

(no lie)

It is hard, not touching your face.

It must be the moisturizer you're using.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Which movie? I’m out of the loop in general.

You know, that one movie!

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According to the email I got from Victoria's Secret today sherpas are on sale for half off!

So, if you're thinking of climbing the Himalayas this is the time to do it!

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When my brothers get a sofa stuck in their stairwell they bicker about it for hours.

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If by kindness you mean planetary orbit then yes, yes it does.

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The thing is, if you hack 2nd edition then you've destroyed the book (or whatever USB device you stored the PDF on).

Plus, it's a big book, so unless you've really sharpened your axe it's gonna take awhile, and then you can't play it anymore (unless you did a half assed job hacking it, then I guess you might be able to use some of it).

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Sky, clouds, airplanes . . . .

You sup on sky, clouds, and airplanes.

You're never going to get any nutrition with THAT diet.

Tangent101 wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

If you ever want to find Tangent101, just follow my campaign journals.

Man's a serious stalker, he is...

Girl, actually. I realized I'm transgender a year ago and have started transitioning.

And I figured that if I stalked you long enough Cap would show up. Besides, you have a fun campaign journal :)

Don't you mean woman, unless you also found a time machine...

Either way, it's good to see you back and congratulations!

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Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
Have any of you fine folks ran Age of Worms? If so did you run it straight up or did you make any changes whether for storyline or combat

Age of Worms? No, I haven't been to Taco Bell in a long time, sorry!

Xenocrat wrote:
Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:

In the 1340's and -50's, millions of people died of the bubonic plague. Black Death ended civilizations. It didn't wipe out humanity completely, because humans are tough and humans are creative and humans are resilient. But it ended civilizations.

Name one.

Who was Gavin Douglas.

But who's Your!?!

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I wouldn't walk down the streets, cars use those!

The sidewalk is where you want to walk.

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I like my flesh body, sometimes a little too much.

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MageHunter wrote:

It's always nice to see aliases that still have work.

I feel bad for those that get just a couple posts and are forever trapped.


You'll have to be more specific, I did a search and there's currently 1,099 Paizo People that have their name start with Cap .

Vidmaster7 wrote:
So soo many children. also uh I mean I can come to an arrangement we will all be happy with on that beard captain literal >.>

Too late, I just put a bid on one of the beards from ZZ Top.

Vidmaster7 wrote:

Oh speaking of life I got engaged as of yesterday.

(Sorry ladies this beard is off the market.)

Very well, I accept your decision.

Puts away suitcase containing one million dollars he was going to offer for Vidmaster's beard.

Too late for me, already two junior captains running around, although I try not to hand down my jeans to them.

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FYI: to sew or sewing clothes is with an e in the middle, otherwise you're talking about sows, or female pigs, an entirely different matter entirely.

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You can't pretend when playing games! Can you?...

Cut him a break, Tacticslion has been in hibernation so we've all felt a little less favorite'd. :-)

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I was mauled by many a cat for girls in high school (including my wife).

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What are you doing with cats now?

Surely not making ketchup, that's made out of tomatoes (supposedly).

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Tacticslion wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

RE: Random stats.

I never know what category I'm in with these things.

That's why there's no specific names! So no one does!

(Unless they do.)

How am I supposed to follow the rules if I don't know if I'm following the rules.

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I try not to cause discord, but we all slip up from time to time.

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So, I assume because it was sized for Ant-Man it didn't really take off.

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Tacticslion wrote:
"All life comes from rocks."

I thought it was from the sea.

Gorbacz wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Seriously can we get the bestiary for this or not?

Don't call me Shirley.

I mean, under any other circumstances I would have given you the bestiary. But not now, after you called me Shirley. I mean, can I get some elementary respect here?

Ties Gorbacz's laces together, runs away giggling.

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A DJ maybe, since he's an expert on spinning.

Mashallah wrote:
Xa'sha wrote:

I mean honestly considering everything I've read in this thread I still wouldn't call Starfinder a bad game or system especially considering the room it has to grow from here.

Nothing is going to be perfect and while improvements definitely could be made this is still a good looking game.

Also no one in this thread excluding the dev that was posting has tabled the game yet, at least play it before making final judgments.

I haven't ever called Starfinder a bad game or system. Furthermore, I said several times I like Starfinder as a system more than Pathfinder.

There, however, are parts that I dislike.

Really! I hadn't noticed.

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This isn't a video game.

The Mad Comrade wrote:
That's basically saying Hell's Vengeance is badwrongfun.

Actually, he's saying Ironfang Invasion with all evil characters told from the side of the overwhelming antagonist doesn't sound like fun.

He never said anything about Hell's Vengeance that I'm aware of. :-)

Did the afternoon at Colonel Sanders' get a bit dark?

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Kudos on the extreme literalness you took to your rules interpretation.

Don't ever change, no matter how many players leave.

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They let you camp out at school.


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My god! Four pounds of dried cherries! All at once! Is that even possible? Why'd you save them for so long for!

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No, I'm pretty sure children is the one thing the Chinese try to assemble correctly.

The only downside I guess is then you gotta go through Wal-Mart, and that's never any fun.

Tacticslion wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:

Because naked domestic crafts like baking and knitting are terribly sexy.

::gets dressed::

The idea of touching a hot stove and/or sharp kitchen implements while having zero protective layers on sounds moderately nerve wracking, personally! Yipes!

Also: eeeeewwwww, what with all that unrestrained hair...

You know she's not a werewolf, right. :-)

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Freehold DM wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:

So my kid sister texts me the other day to warn me that her birthday present to my daughter is arriving unwrapped from the manufacturer and to hide it and wrap it when it comes.

So yesterday it arrives and I open it and it's a freaking mermaid tail. An actual mermaid tail you can wear in the swimming pool or at the beach. With a matching swimsuit top. Oh, and a complete set for her doll as well, and a mermaid coloring book.

When we were kids, I think one year I got a Barbie toilet for my birthday from my sister. She gave me a Barbie toilet. She gives my daughter swimmable mermaid cosplay.

Feeling grumpy, envious, and all sour-grapes-ish, because I would look absolutely bloody ridiculous in a mermaid tail and I know it.

But holy crap, I can't wait to see the look on my daughter's face.

anonymously sends lisamarlene a mermaid toilet

Isn't that the ocean. Good luck with shipping! You know they charge by weight and not volume, right.

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Drejk wrote:
Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Also: I see I have a backlog of 122 posts to read!!! Somebody close the floodgates!!! :D

122 posts? Floodgates? More like a trickle...

In the glory days of the FAWTL, we had dozens of posters writing thousands of posts at our merest whim!

I might not have been around yet at the peak times...

Clearly, I haven't been using enough aliases.

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Well I don't cheat.

My wife was VERY specific about not having an open marriage.

Just telling it how it is.