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Full Name

Variel Arkeneazea




Wizard 1







Special Abilities



Neutral Good






Elven, Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Goblin, Gnome, and Orc


Student of the Arcanamirium

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Archmage Variel

Variel Arkeneazea was born 145 years ago on Neth (November) 22, 4562 AR in Iadara, the beautiful illusion-shrouded capitol of Kyonin. Variel was born to a family of Kyoni illusionist mage-crafters who’s line sustained Iadara’s fog barrier since it’s inception by Variel’s ancestors. His father Gardrim and his mother Sylihar are both wizards of Iadara. Variel is an only child, not uncommon among elves. His hidden name is Isilme and his every day name is V. Variel’s earliest memory is when he snuck into his father’s study at the age of 3. When his father returned from the market. Spell pages were strewn all over the floor and Variel had drawn marks all over the study floor. Only later did his father realize that the marks were actually successfully cast arcane marks. Unfortunately, arcane marks can not be removed easily. The next day, after much thought and a long discussion (even by elvish standards) about the appropriate use of magic spells and incantations, Gardrim decided to take Variel on as his apprentice. As an apprentice, Variel spent most of his time assisting his father and running minor errands. After every day, Variel sat under an ancient tree reading old tomes and grimoires. He was not extremely popular and acted distant from the other children. He was often bullied by his peers, but refused to use the magical abilities he attained to retaliate, believing magic should be used only in the service of others. Around age 100, Variel left Kyonin to study at the Arcanamirium in the city of Absalom. It was there that he studied arcane lore and spellcraft in detail, and became fluent in the languages of draconic, gnome, goblin, orc, and sylvan, in addition to the two tongues he had grown up with. Variel also formed his opinions on the gods due to his friendship with a Rahadoumi professor at the school, becoming misotheistic. He stayed a student of the Arcanamirium for 40 years before graduating this year, 4702 AR. Variel then immediately applied to the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society and managed to pass all the tests given to him. He took the Oath of the Initiate the next day. Variel’s possessions were put into storage and he was issued an outfit of simple gray homespun cloth. He was taken to his new quarters, a spartan cell for him and 4 other initiates with bunks, desks, and a lockable trunk for each initiate. For three years he attended mandatory class and study periods and preformed the duties assigned to him by the overseeing Pathfinders. In the year 4705 AR, Variel began his Confirmation. By request of Aram Zey, the Master of Spells, Variel was sent to the catacombs of a long dead necromancer to retrieve a the spell book therein. While the necromancer was at rest his creations were still very much alive, if alive can be used to describe skeletons. At Variel’s induction ceremony, Master Zey gave Variel a simple leather journal as well as the rank of Field Operative. He was assigned to the Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar, under the direction of Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch. Variel’s dream is to become the world’s greatest archmage and to make the world a better place. Having learned all he can from the Arcanamirium and his time as an initiate of the Pathfinder Society, Variel has decided to seek adventure in the town of Sandpoint. Now on the Kaspakari road from Magnimar to Sandpoint, Variel is hopeful to learn new spells and discover ancient and forgotten lore.

Physical Description:
Variel is 5 ft. 11 in. and weighs 121 pounds. He is an elf, with pointed ears approximately 7 inches in length. Variel is strong enough to carry his own weight. He is able catch or dodge a surprise projectile flying at medium speed. Variel is a little more durable than average for his species, able to take a few hits before being knocked unconscious. His eyes are an emerald green color, very common in his family. Variel’s hair is a silvery white color, and he wears it medium in length. Other than the hair on his head however, he remains largely hairless like most of his race. Variel’s scholar robes are black and white. He wears a suit of extremely light elven armor. On his belt is a sheathed dagger and a spell component pouch, and he carries a satchel around his shoulder. He has a permanent arcane mark on his upper left arm. Variel is right-handed. Before he set out, Variel’s father sent him a suit of elvish spell caster armor and a light elvish helm. He uses his right to channel combat spells. He carries a dagger and a pouch attached to his belt, as well as a cloak. Variel’s arcane mark is a Sihedron Rune, a symbol he discovered in his studies. He has a tattoo of his arcane mark on his left shoulder.

Variel can seem detached and distant to those he meets. Although he is not Forlorn, having been born and spent his childhood amount elves, he adventures among the shorter lived races with the knowledge that he will likely outlive those he encounters. Despite this, Variel’s companions have begun to grown on him. He sees his companions as valuable allies, despite their differences. Although the other peoples of Golarion may be quick to act, that does not mean that their reasons for doing so are not just as valid. Variel’s experience exploring the civilizations outside the elven sphere of influence has taught him that the elven way is neither the only way, nor is it always the best way. Although he is often quick to encourage a long term approach to planning, Variel understands that desires of his companions to work within the moment are just as valid. He can be annoyed by his companions quick actions, and even downright patronizing at times (after all, he's seen the fall and rise of human kingdoms), but he does his best to concede that there is always something to be learned from the simple lives led by those who live within the moment. Variel considers himself an optimist. He has at least some intuition and awareness of his surroundings. Variel is highly knowledgeable, probably the smartest person many people know. In conversation, he often drones on and can be unintentionally rude. Variel’s favorite color is light green. Variel’s hobbies include researching arcane lore, reading ancient grimoires, and writing observations in his spellbook. He uses magic often and casts cantrips to better the lives of those around him, although he sees no reason to not use magic to aid himself within reason. Variel always has a plan, and his increased lifespan gives him a long term view of events. He acts friendly but is usually quiet, and says very little unless necessary. Variel’s greatest fear is failing the people he considers friends, and he cares what others think of him, however he would never openly admit to either. He is slow to trust and slow to act, at least by the view of the younger races. He often sees his companions as impulsive and impatient, but enjoys their company nonetheless.