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In Jasonese there are 47 words for 'rules lawyer' but only one for love!


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Publisher, Legendary Games

Strength 13
Dexterity 11
Constitution 11
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13

About Jason Nelson

Hey there!

Let's see, I like cuddling up by the fire on a rainy night, long walks on the beach... oh wait, no, it's not THAT kind of profile!

Seriously, I have been gaming since March 1, 1981, which I only remember because the old character sheets had a spot for 'date character created,' and I wrote down the date when I made my first character, Tjaden Ludendorff, a 1st Ed. Paladin with 1st Ed. psionics. Why yes, as a matter of fact he did cheat outrageously! I believe my brother and I ended up killing the castellan and taking over the Keep on the Borderlands. But I digress...

As a long-time gamer I still have a fondness for the olden days and like to update old 1st Ed/Basic D&D adventures and ideas even while running with newer systems. I have always written lots of supplementary content for my games, new spells, new magic items, new monsters, all the rest, but especially character classes. Just ask anyone who played in my 7-year-old 2nd Ed. campaign. Oh, the notebooks. I am currently running a weekly campaign set in an updated version of Al-Qadim, using some of the original adventures but redesigned classes and such for 3rd Ed.

I like both FR and Greyhawk, Dark Sun and Al-Qadim, never played Eberron or Birthright but both have good points, and I like homebrew too. I have played GURPS and Warhammer FRP in the past but D&D has always been home. My own style is usually more of a mix and match, take a few things I like from here and things I like from there, game systems, novels, real history, whatever. I may be hardcore on the rules themselves, but the campaign has lots of room for new and different things.

First D&D product I owned: 1st Ed. Monster Manual

First D&D product I bought with my own money: Dragon #51

First D&D adventure I bought with my own money: C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness

All-time favorite adventures (in no particular order):
- Ruined Kingdoms (Al-Qadim)
- Return to the Tomb of Horrors
- A Paladin in Hell
- WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
- C4-5 To Find a King/Bane of Llewellyn
- G1-2-3 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief/Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl/Hall of the Fire Giant King

And, just for fun, a list of my publications here with Paizo:

Paizo Publishing, Pathfinder Adventure Paths
“Bestiary,” Second Darkness Adventure Path 18
“Bestiary,” Legacy of Fire Adventure Path 22
“Bestiary,” Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path 40
“Bestiary,” Jade Regent Adventure Path 51
“Bestiary,” Reign of Winter Adventure Path 69 (2013)
“Bestiary,” Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 73 (2013)
“Bestiary,” Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 74 (2013)
“Bestiary,” Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 77 (2014)
“Bestiary,” Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 78 (2014)
“The Crown of the World,” Jade Regent Adventure Path 51 (2011)
“The End of Eternity,” Legacy of Fire Adventure Path 22 (2009)
“War of the River Kings,” Kingmaker Adventure Path 35 (2010)
“The Hungry Storm,” Jade Regent Adventure Path 51 (2011)
“From Hell’s Heart,” Skull & Shackles Adventure Path 60 (2012)
"Wages of Sin," Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path 74 (2013)
"Friends and Foes: Trazel Rainwater," Hell's Rebels Adventure Path 100 (2015)

Paizo Publishing, Pathfinder Chronicles, Companions, and Campaign Setting
Alchemy Manual
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty
Animal Archive
Black Markets
Cities of Golarion
Cohorts & Companions
Dungeon Denizens Revisited
Faction Guide
The Great Beyond
Giants Revisited
Guide to the River Kingdoms
Heart of the Jungle
Inner Sea Bestiary
Inner Sea Magic
Inner Sea World Guide
Lost Cities of Golarion
Misfit Monsters Redeemed
Mythic Monsters Revisited
Mythic Realms
Occult Origins
Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs
Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting
People of the Sands
Rival Guide
The Worldwound
Undead Revisited

Paizo Publishing, Pathfinder Core Rules hardcovers
Advanced Player’s Guide (2010)
Advanced Race Guide (2012)
Bestiary 2 (2011)
Bestiary 3*
Bestiary 4 (2013)
Bestiary 5 (2015)
Bestiary 6 (2017)
Core Rulebook*
Gamemastery Guide (2010)
Horror Adventures
Monster Codex*
Mythic Adventures
NPC Codex (2013)
Occult Adventures
Ultimate Campaign (2013)
Ultimate Combat (2011)
Ultimate Equipment (2012)
Ultimate Intrigue
Ultimate Magic (2011)

* These books included material I wrote for other Paizo products.

Paizo Publishing, Dungeon and Dragon Magazines
“Patterns of Shadow and Light,” Dragon 322 (2004)
“Practical Magic,” Dungeon 113 (2004)
“Class Acts: Clerics: Variant Turning,” Dragon 334 (2005)
“Man Forever,” Dungeon 137 (2006)