Why is the Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat weaker than the other Dedication feats?

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Many of the Dedication feats grant you a skill, possibly Expert in that skill as well as an additional benefit. Yet the Firebrand Braggart skill doesn't give you any skills and in fact can hinder you. I love the flavor of the Feat but mechanical wise it's not worth the effort.

So I was curious why the Feat doesn't grant a skill or constant beneficial bonus.

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Wow - that is a mechanically horrible level 4 (actually any level) dedication.

I had no idea until I looked at it that it has no redeeming feature (succeed at a challenging task while misfortuned and if succeed get a +1 circumstance for 10 minutes at the exact same task else -1 for an hour). Not surprisingly, demoralize attempt (regardless of outcome) makes the target immune for 10 minutes after the first attempt.

Why on earth would anyone take it? even Ferris Bueller would not take it.

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I honestly took it because of the daring act feat chain, which would allow half a stride with no opportunity attack (6), making the opponent flat-footed (6), an attack (lvl10 feat), and maybe to get a creature flat footed longer while increasing AC on a critical success (12). What I didn’t realize is that aside from the last one, the swashbuckler’s level 1 tumble feat makes creatures flat-footed with a full stride for one action. With a second action to strike, it would be doing pretty much the same thing. What I also realized is that the firebrand braggart action (requiring two actions before another attempt at the skill gets the possible bonus) does not even synergies with daring act. Worse still is that the ability to move or even attack when the level 10 feat is taken is completely predicated on whether the skill check is successful, meaning a failed check is a loss of two actions. In addition, iirc, Firebrand Braggart is the only dedication that requires level 4 so far. It’s just too bad that it is a trap option (I’m level 8 and have never used any of the feats), which I thought was one of the things Pathfinder 2e was trying to get away from.

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