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I'm in love with your system the only thing I what's thinking about is how difficult is it to make your own ancestry race that I make up, do I have to come up with a whole bunch of feet just for one race. Or is there a formula like in PF 1 with a race point system. Does the gamemastery guide have any information on generating your own race or excuse me ancestry. lol

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SirNelDeLaBronx wrote:
information on generating your own race or excuse me ancestry. lol

What's the joke? I don't understand your 'lol'.

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Well I think the 'joke' was his using the old term, race, instead of the new mechanic, ancestry.

To create a new ancestry, you simply need. The ancestry, at least one heritage, and presumably at least one feat for levels 1, 5, 9, 13, and 17.

Honestly, some players may prefer to have choices, which may bump the preferred minimum of Heritage, and feats at each level up to 2 per. But if you are making a race for a particular player wanting/interested in the race, you can theoretically gear the initial heritage/feats as ones which that player is interested in, leaving other options to be filled out later. So you could theoretically start with the single options, potentially starting with the options for the early level feats, leaving the later levels for in the future. [would probably be nice for the person to have an idea on what racial feat they are working towards, so even for a 1-4th level character you might want them to know a 5th level feat that will be available to them]

Some of the early feats are also something you can potentially sort of boiler-plate. Things like 'Ancestry' Lore[1]; 'Ancestry' Weapon Familiarity[1]; 'Ancestry' Weapon 'Niche/Specialization'[5]; 'Ancestry' Weapon Expertise [13]; All being some rather simple feats you could potentially fill out for any basic Ancestry by identifying some culturally common skills and weapons core to the culture.

And the attributes is simpler than in 1st edition since you pick a mental and physical stat to give flaws, and pick a single other stat to have a flaw and have the optional boost. You can also probably also simply use the option of two free boosts. You could potentially also get away with a single fixed boost and a free boost, although it would be a slightly weaker option than the human option of two free boosts. But in the end, racial abilities are supposed to even out to net two boosts. So you don't have to worry about other options with more extreme boosts/flaws.

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