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So here is the question. Can you cast wish to transport characters out of an antimagic field or dead magic plane/zone?

The caster is not in an antimagic field or dead magic area

I say yes based on The following description:

Transport travelers. A wish can lift one creature per caster level from anywhere on any plane and place those creatures anywhere else on any plane regardless of local conditions. An unwilling target gets a Will save to negate the effect, and spell resistance (if any) applies.

Any help will be appreciated

Yes, so long as the caster isn't in the area.

I almost went with "no" because of line of effect issues, but technically antimagic field doesn't block line of effect.

Thank you

I would say no, because the antimagic field spell description says the spell's effect would be suppressed within the barrier.

I say no. The magic needs to manifest and affect things inside a AMF/DMZ and magic explicitly doesn't work in those things.

I would rule that you could use a Wish/Miracle to end an AMF, and possibly allow magic to work momentarily in a DMZ (depending on how powerful the anti-magic effects are in relation to wishes and gods in whatever setting you run, place in question, etc.)

Not based on a rules necessarily, but when I GM antimagic field stops all magic cast by mortals. So no casting into or from antimagic, except those few spells affected by antimagic.

The key term that makes me think it would work is "Regardless of local conditions"

Also magical effects still work in Anti magic fields such as golems, wall of force, prismatic sphere, and prismatic wall all work.

Thank you all for the discussion

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