Slayer Study vs Crimson Templar Fiendish Study

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I have a Slayer level 6(deliverer) with Crimson Templar Level 4 who also gains Fiendish Studies, Both stack according to the rules but they are both Immediate Action when you Sneak attack a foe, but Immediate are also considered 1 per turn as Swift are

First question is Do I need to trigger them both seperatly or they both happen on 1 Sneak Attack (If I sneak an Outsider Evil)

And Does Lenses of Predatory Gaze increase Both or just the Slayer Study level? since both, are they both the same as slayer study

RAW they are separate abilities so need to be activated individually. Since you can only perform a single immediate action in a phase only one will be triggered on a sneak attack.

That being said, the abilities are very similar so I can see a GM allowing them to be used at the same time. Check with your GM and see if he will allow it as a house rule.

As to the lenses it only applies to the slayer levels. The Fiendish Studies is actually better than Studied Target, so is not the same thing.

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