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Gunslinger Discussion: Round 2

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Samurai with Monk AC Bonus?

Advanced Firearms w / Rapid Reload

Buckler Gun questions

Gunslinger character sheet

Ki based off of Cha? Oh Please!

Targeting (chest) & Improved Critical

Pathfinder Society Gunslinger level 1 - #02-02 Rescue at Azlant Ridge

Breaking the Gunslinger, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Is the gunslinger OP?

Vanishing Trick = Obnoxious AND Overpowered

Is the gunslinger OP?

Two-Weapon Gunslinger

Oh hey, clear level 1 infinite gold exploit on a single page, still in there.

[Actual Play] Ninja playtesting, Kingmaker Path

Magic guns in Golarion?

What the heck?

Ninja vs. Rogue issues boiled down

Trapfinding Ninja

Alternate Class?

Make the mount an option

Alternate inceptions of the Samurai

Love the feel of the samurai

Samurai (Lone Wolf) vs Cavalier (Maximus)

Jason Bulmahn help! Dead shot and boring core mechanic

Gunslinger and Weapon feats.

Am I missing something about the Gunslinger?

Help me make a Ninja

Strength Ninja

Gunslinger better as a variant or prestige class

[Actual Play] Ninja playtesting, Kingmaker Path

Gunslinger variants / builds

Please optimize my gunslinger

Level 8: Imp. Uncanny Dodge; Level 6: Walk on Water & Lava?!

Do Rogue archetypes work with the Ninja?

Can Ninja take the Extra Rogue Talent feat?

Ninja Playtest level 9-10

Bard, with a dash of Gunslinger?

Hidden Master over powered

Gunslinger in Kingmaker, Spoilers ahead

Ronin.. Err.?

Remove Samurai access to Fighter feats

Samurai Mounted Archery...

Ninja Death Attack

Gunsmithing ammo crafting question

Wording of the revised Rapid Reload feat ... for *other* weapons

Ammo weight

Assassinate versus Death Attack; An indepth comparison

Ninja's can't be Rogues and vice versa right?

Where are the Black Eggs?

Why Touch AC, and not Flat-Footed?

Pressure Points / Sneak Attack

Gunslinger thoughts after playing a Magus / Gunslinger

Starting gear for lvl 6 Tengu Gunslinger?

Gunslinger needs a Firearm Mastery Feat

Targetting not as broken as people think

Does this help the ninja issues?

Gunslinger and Undead / Vampires?

Gunslinger Guns-What should they receive at 1st level?

Shouldn't the ninja have Survival? No trace uses it

Why sudden strike should be kept

Vanish balance idea

Gunslingers and Rapid Reload

What are the dates for the Ultimate Combat round 2 playtests?

Alchemist / Gunslinger build

Professor Feldspar (Possible CC spoilers)

Mutated Doc Holliday

A few balance ideas for Ninja / Rogue

Shuriken and Ki Charge

Size Penalties for Small Creatures

Necklace of Ki serenity

20th level Gunslinger vs 4 Ancient Gold Dragons

Question about forgotten trick

Playtest of Ninja class: results

Great ninja builds

Samurai / Ninja update question

Gunslinger and Feats

Gunslinger has no level based bonuses

Ultimate Combat as Prestige Classes

Forgotten Trick issues

Great idea, but who will use it?

Demonization of firearms

Troll monks?

Firearms & Rapid Reload

Revised Gunslinger v.2.3.0 with Archetypes

Shout out to the Pickle Knight

Too many feats!

Question on ki

Multiclassing Gunslinger

Light steps and stealth

Wait... Grit is based off wis and Ki is based off cha?

Clarification on Dead Shot & Scattering properties

Gunslinger starting gold and ammo

Ninja Trick question

Gunslinger playtest lvl 6

Explain this gun thingy to me

Equipment needed: Kunai, giant shuriken... Abilities needed: Genjutsu

Pepperbox longgun?

Using Ki

Guns, Armor, and Women

Gunslingers vs. Fighters

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