Ultimate Combat Playtest

Playtest Results: Round 1
Playtest Results: Round 2
Gunslinger Discussion: Round 1
Ninja Discussion: Round 1
Samurai Discussion: Round 1
Gunslinger Discussion: Round 2

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Welcome to the Ultimate Combat playtest

Notes and Impressions

Think Killing Blow should be renamed Deadly Blow

2 Quick thoughts...

Sub-Class or Base Class

Stop Bleeding

Gunslinger worse than Fighter

Short lookover

Gunslinger as Alchemist, better?

"Leap for Cover" Deed

Ninja Sneak Attack Ability

Another Objection

Secret Stash = Printing Press

Crafting bullets and black powder

Grit feats

Gunslingers are fighters right

Firearm Damage Too Low

Infinite Money Cheat?

Post Counts

2 Questions: Deadly Aim and Lightning Reload+Signature Deed?

Firearm Ability Clarification

Ideas for more hurtful gunslingers (Plus everything else I noticed)

To adress what seems to be an issue with the price of guns.

Guns and ranges and a bit of Grit?

Guns + Other Classes + Items

Guns + Other Classes + Items

General Response

Adamantium bullets

Grit feats adding deeds

Guns and AC

Still reading it, but...

Alternate Class - Don't think it's necessary

Death to "per-day" and unrechargable martial restrictions

Typos / Errors

Deed feats -- why would I take these?

Guns and Cost

I unironically love Power of Ninjutsu, the worst movie. Also a review of the class I guess

Notes and Impressions

Similar to Ranger Combat Style

Can we change the name of the Ninja? and a few other things...

Grit feats as Deeds?

Firearms, Gunslingers, and the fundamental flaws of the current system

Called Shots and Hit Locations?

Final Thoughts on Ninja before Round 2...

My thoughts on the Gunslinger

"Ninjas"! - "Damn"

Suggestion for Targeting Deed

Gunslinger Build and DPR Scaling

Dual-wielding pistols

Cover and Firearms

Ronin: A small proposal

Not that bad, if the rogue class did not exist

Gunslinger vs. Crossbowman Archetype

Having fun playing ...

Gunslinger go boom? When Fireball Meets Gunpowder

Katana Proficiency: martial or exotic?

Perception... no... OK... why not?

First take on Gunslinger and Firearms

Gunslingers, Guns - Fix proposals

Firearms and other classes

Gunslinger and references to computer games (FFXI)

Starting Weapons

Kingmaker Playtest Drop-in's [KM & RotRL Spoilers Ahoy!]

Samurai with Bluff?

Clarification on the Targeting: Torso Deed

Early thoughts

Rapid Reload

Alternate class features?

First thoughts on Guns

Feat ideas

Ninjato & Kusari-Gama

My personal Thoughts and Findings: Ninja

Samurai orders

Ki and Haste

Using a gunslinger as the villian in my upcoming adventure

I must object!

Ninja AC

Katana Fail

Crossbows and Guns

New armor


Another Gunslinger review

Hidden Master just a bit too strong for the cost

A Detailed Look at the Gunslinger (long)

Would Gunslinger be more appropriate as a Prestige Class?

Gun Training at First Level?

Various Thought on the Gunslinger


Pistol whip question and other rules question

Why not archetypes?

Exploding Dice

Alternate Concepts using Ninja Mechanics

Hidden weapons and Quick Draw

Gunpowder = Smoke = Concealment

Wisdom bonus for gun shots


Personal Thoughts and Findings: Samurai


Not A Gun Mage

What's in a name?

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