Gunslinger Discussion: Round 2

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What are the dates for the Ultimate Combat round 2 playtests?

Advanced Firearms w / Rapid Reload

Buckler Gun questions

Gunslinger character sheet

Targeting (chest) & Improved Critical

Breaking the Gunslinger, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Is the gunslinger OP?

Two-Weapon Gunslinger

Oh hey, clear level 1 infinite gold exploit on a single page, still in there.

Magic guns in Golarion?

What the heck?

Jason Bulmahn help! Dead shot and boring core mechanic

Gunslinger and Weapon feats.

Am I missing something about the Gunslinger?

Gunslinger better as a variant or prestige class

Gunslinger variants / builds

Please optimize my gunslinger

Bard, with a dash of Gunslinger?

Gunsmithing ammo crafting question

Ammo weight

Why Touch AC, and not Flat-Footed?

Gunslinger thoughts after playing a Magus / Gunslinger

Starting gear for lvl 6 Tengu Gunslinger?

Gunslinger needs a Firearm Mastery Feat

Targetting not as broken as people think

Gunslinger Guns-What should they receive at 1st level?

Gunslingers and Rapid Reload

Alchemist / Gunslinger build

Professor Feldspar (Possible CC spoilers)

Mutated Doc Holliday

Size Penalties for Small Creatures

20th level Gunslinger vs 4 Ancient Gold Dragons

Gunslinger and Feats

Gunslinger has no level based bonuses

Ultimate Combat as Prestige Classes

Great idea, but who will use it?

Demonization of firearms

Troll monks?

Firearms & Rapid Reload

Revised Gunslinger v.2.3.0 with Archetypes

Shout out to the Pickle Knight

Too many feats!

Multiclassing Gunslinger

Wait... Grit is based off wis and Ki is based off cha?

Clarification on Dead Shot & Scattering properties

Gunslinger starting gold and ammo

Explain this gun thingy to me

Pepperbox longgun?

Guns, Armor, and Women

Gunslingers vs. Fighters

So Kinda wondering on Gun damage...

Guns And Shield

Advanced Firearms and Misfiring

Adamantine Firearms

Gun Training with two firearms

Wild West

Fighter feats for gunslingers- Yes / No?

How do changes affect my Pathfinder Society gunslinger?

To Stephen, a question still stands.

Scatter Special Quality: Some confusion within my group

A small thank you now that the playtest is over

My take on the Gunslinger

Gunslingers, Musketeers, Dragoons, and Cavalry

Gun Training - It just doesn't make any sense!

The design goal of gunslingers...

Getting down to brass tacks at the last minute

Armor Versus Guns Suggestion

Silly idea

Couple of gunslinger things

Bullets of light

Guns and Gravity bow

Starting Guns

Craft Guns

Monk Chasis-Based Gunslinger

Leaping Attack Clarifications

Shield spell and other deflection ac works against guns?

Gunslinger: Ideas for Regaining Grit

Are guns a viable option for non-gunslingers under any of the pricing guides?

Why invent a new term (attacking touch ac) instead of using existing terms (touch attack)?

Can't find the thread...

How dangerous is the revolver compared to mid to high level spellcasting?

Swallow Whole + Guns - Need some kind of addedum

Lightning Reload clarification?

Gunslinger - Duelist

Gunsmith Should be Gun Affinity

Monk + Gunslinger = Vash the Stampede?

Ultra-reload extravagana

Misfire and the Broken condition

Proposal for the Gunslinger Final Version


Gun training, too powerful?

Gunsmith's Kit.

Scatter and Misfire

Flurry of Bullets and Guided Shot

Shotgun vs. Mirror Image

Ult. Combat Round 2 Wish List

Is the balance of the gunslinger hinged on low damaging weapons (per round)?

A few suggestions...

Thoughts, in what I hope is a constructive vein

The Gunslinger needs a "Thing"

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