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I'm playtesting a lvl 8 Gunslinger for a home game, and I have two questions for creation: The Gunsmithing/gunsmith kit allows me to make ammunition at 10% of normal costs, does this go for metal cases (modern firearms) as well?

Also, if I'm making special material ammo, like Adamant and Mithral, do I add in the cost of the special material before reducing the cost or after?

ex. Adamant adds +60g per shot. The Base cost of Metal Cases are 20g. Would the cost of crafting adamamantine ammo be 62g (60g + the 10% cost of the metal case) or would it be 8
g per bullet (10% of 60g+20g). Either way is cool, just trying to get a handle on it.

I don't think the gunsmithing ability gives the the opportunity to make mithral or adamantine out of base elements, so apply specialized ammo costs to the end result.

In game, we just treat the gunslingers ability to make ammo like the archers ability to remake arrows. Unless he is trying to make special ammo, that is to say, we don't role play it out (unless the situation is special, ie this is a desert there are no raw materials to make arrows from)

Silver Crusade

So, for adamantine bullets would be the 62g option, and only if I have access to the materials, of course?

Joseph Davis wrote:
So, for adamantine bullets would be the 62g option, and only if I have access to the materials, of course?

thats the way i understand it

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I'd handle it the same way it would be handled for any crafting. If you're making a Mithril Breastplate, you don't add the 4000 on to the cost after determining the 1/3 price for crafting. I don't see why the Gunslinger would be any different.

+1 it makes sense to follow standard crafting rules in this scenario the extra cost is not just material it is the difficulty in crafting such materials so I would say it would be 8gold for that adamantium bullet.

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