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Just have to make an alias. I will endeavor to get a post in with it tonight.

Player: TriShadow
Character (pregen or own character): Brialla, applied to Kelleran
PFS: 151777 - 24
Faction: The Concordance
Played/GMed this scenario before: Neither
Day job roll: Nope

Agreed. I have seen several AoO build post their potential AoO's in a spoiler each round of combat. It is extra work for you, but no real effort for the GM. Though you may need a gentle reminder early in a scenario.

I have the following spread, all available now.

Level 1 magus, level 2 bloodrager, level 3 occultist, level 4 Shaman

Hey Supervillan,

I'd be happy to play! I have characters in both tiers.

So, it looks like low tier. So, I present to you...

So, I have:

{versatility} 7th card caster magus/far shot monk. Flurry of daggers.

{long range dps} 4th level areokineticist

I have a 7 magus and a level 4 kineticist {both range DPS-ish}

Player Name: TriShadow
Character Name: Wisp Emberflake
PFS ID #: 151777-5
Faction: Scarab Sages
Race/Class/Level: Wayang/Kinetisist/4


Player: TriShadow
Character Name: Azora Imolar
PFS OD #: 151777-10
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class/Level: Female ifrit oracle 2

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I got to play high tier Salvation with our beloved GM Hmm and had a blast. No deaths and tons of roll play. No meta, but some strong, effective builds with intelligent players. Granted, we did have the best investigator in The Society along with us, but everybody absolutely crushed it.

Thanks for running. This 'pack' sounds like a blast. I will have my bard up in a few hours!

I would be happy to throw down with a kitsune bard if there is space.

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meloriel wrote:
You could play a shifty human who has relatives that are tieflings but was born regrettably... normal. They could adopt the affectations of tieflings, and refer to them as 'my people' or 'our culture' even though they've got a bloodline so muddied their practically just a human. They could use hair dye, coloured contacts, moody clothes, and other things to visually look like a tiefling at low levels, and at higher levels he could invest in biotech or cybernetic augmentations to 'improve themselves', or make themself more like 'they were meant to be' (things like...oh, I don't know. venom spurs, vocal modulator, dermal plating, dark vision capacitors, and that sort of thing).

Oooh! I like this a lot. Great idea.

Maybe you're not really back?

... wrote:
Versions A-C are no longer available, however, so it doesn't matter much at this point.

I thought they were on a 'rotation' and "A" would come back six months after "D" was released. Did I totally miss that?

It might be too late now, but the Arrowsong Minstrel archetype will also allow you add Magic Missile to your spell list (due to the fact it is an evocation spell).

As all this information is on the chronicle sheet, would this allow a CORE character to gain access to the weapons and the chance to spend PP for the EWP?

I have several in range.

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I have a level 4 CORE character. Could I play that character at the open 5-6 Solstice Scar table? (She has played parts A & B)

GM Z.D. wrote:
I have not ran that scenario yet. If you are willing to wait a bit for one of my other games to clear up, I can run it. Neodam, what level were you looking at?

Ooh! Can I get in on this action?

I have played Overflow Archives, but I have a couple of characters I could play in PotPP.

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Sorry for the necro, but is the 'unchained' Zen Archer monk legal for PFS? I know that it is legal for the standard monk. I checked the additional resources, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer. Anyone have a citation one way or the other?

Sethran wrote:


Samsarn x2

PM sent!

I have no knowledge of this scenario.

Spackle McGapfiller: 5th level lava gnome bard (flame dancer) ~ Likes to drink (face o' the party type), see through Obscuring Mist shenanigans.

Izlin Greymantle: 6th level Card Caster Magus/Far Strike Monk/Occultist ~ Tiefling with some decent knowledge skills. Touch and range spells on thrown weapons.

Bo Goh Twang: 8th level Zen Archer, Qinggong Monk/Feral Hunter/ Exciter Spiritualist ~ Naive young man on 'The Path' of enlightenment. Flurry of arrows, no provoke when shooting, solid AC

I would like to be considered as well. Had the opportunity to play with you years ago at Pacificon. I have been playing Pbp for a couple of years now. I've even had the chance to play with CariMac here on the boards, then met here at Paizocon. I would say that my favorite Pbp to date was playing my investigator in GM Hmm's Salvation of the Sages. It demonstrates just how free and creative the medium can be. I also had the good fortune of being invited to play in her Solstice Scar "C" run at Paizocon.

Ryan P Donahue wrote:

I am looking to trade some boons for my final character - my season 10 Magic Warrior Magus. I am willing to trade any of my non-races for another non-race and a race for a race unless someone can convince me the boon would be great for my new character.

Pathfinder Haves:

Aquatic Elf / Gillman / Merfolk
Vine Leshy

PM sent!

Any word on recovering a player's XXX-1 character if they have been accidentally deleted. I thought there was some talk of this a while ago. Otherwise, this cool and fun boon is unusable by some players.

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I have to second the viability of Play-by-Post (Pbp). I have found that with the window of time available 'in person', most players I have encountered want to keep pushing forward. It was hard to play the 'stealthy' guy who would go up and scout ahead as that leaves four or five people with nothing to do. There is pressure to finish so as not to miss out on Prestige/Fame.

I have also found that in the moment, some players struggle to find a 'voice' for their character. Not an accent (though this would be fine), but an actual mind-set and/or personality that adds depth to their character; and thus their role-play.

However, in pbp, I feel I have been liberated from the anchor of time. I can construct and edit my character's response, whether by action or dialogue. It seems players are also more patient, imaginative and daring when unchained from the dreaded five hour clock. ROLE-play increases, interaction increases, and feelings of dungeon-crawls tend to dissipate. When playing with strong players and GM's, this gets even better.

I invite anyone to take a look at just about any of GM Hmm's Pbp games and say its a dungeon-crawl. I had the opportunity to play in her run of Salvation of the Sages, and it was amazing! I don't know that my contribution would have been as well thought out in person. I would add the link to the game it, but it would obviously spoil the whole scenario.

It might just be me, but I think ʇɥɐʇ ɓnʎ and spouse may enjoy Pbp. It would also allow you to keep your established group more intact, as they can post when possible without the need for a five our block of time. Just my two coppers.

So, it looks like we have a magus and a rogue

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3 (Range DPS)
Korum - half orc Paladin 1 (Frontline)
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2 (Frontline)
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2 (Healing/DPS support)

Ready to mix 'n match!

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3
Korum - half orc Paladin 1
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2
Krennel - half orc Alchemist 1
Fiata - slyph Magus 1

I have a couple of options depending on the tier.

I also have a few who could join!

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That is why I LOVE our PBP Officers. They just be awesome!

Scorched One wrote:
I am planning on running Ire of the Storm after my current module completes, though I plan to run it in order so if you can find a part 3 sooner, you might be better served in that fashion.

Any chance of reserving a spot on the boat out to the colony?

I know you're gonna crush it Cari. Have a great time!

What if it was the high level character of a friend sitting at a near by table? Many LGS groups are regulars and thus can create the agreement ahead of time (even easier in pbp), an official table of six is still legal with seven players, and it does not violate the 'one character per' rule.

How to adjudicate treasure , XP & gold is a separate matter. Maybe "just being there for my friend/family in need is payment enough" would work out the best. I believe the item is expensive enough to prevent abuse, but I have learned never to doubt a PFS player when they set their mind to something.

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A pentasolar congrats to all the newly minted 5-stars! I to got to enjoy Hmm's Solstice Scar (C) table. She was dressed exactly like her iconic avatar. Thank you for all you bring to the community.

I'm in with a LEVEL 2 magus (built with GM credit). Will have him ready this evening!

PLayer: TriShadow
Character: Izlin
PFS#: 151777-19
Day Job: TBA
Initiative: +4 (?)
Perception: +1 (?)
Faction: (Darchive?)
Sorry to be so sketchy, doing this from work.

Vine Leshy


GM Chyro wrote:

I'm looking for 2 PCs to get going with season 4's The Blakros Matrimony.
Tier 6-7

Current party, Paladin and Cleric.

I have a zen archer monk or an investigator/rogue in that range.

I vote for The God's Market Gamble (I have played Night March of Kalakamedes) Have a few 1-2 characters depending on party needs.

Vine Leshy


Nice work!

I base them off the scenario. It has been a pretty fun way to keep track of what happens.

The Count should be a Dhampir witch (he often has bats in his castle), an Exchange faction member, and a worshiper of Adabar. SO MUCH COUNTING!!!

For the record, while both Miss Piggy and Animal are muppets, they are not from Sesame Street.

Trans-located to Tigard, Oregon from the Bay Area in California

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If we are REALLY going for #completionist, then they may have to un-retire some of those older scenarios that some late comers never had a shot at. After the start 2e, is there any reason not to do that?

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For me, it is the requirement to own all of the source books (which is a completely fair expectation of Paizo). It has been more than a small investment over the last few years. I am reticent to start that process over again (especially as I came to PFS late in their run).

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